July 27, 2021

Barcelona – Alavés: Messi's Christmas gift | sports

There are days that fall on a bad day and at a bad time, at times of shopping and party vigil, on vacation and after demanding games, few like the one held by Barça-Alavés. Caught by the hangover of classic and for Christmas, the encounter didn't seem to deserve Messi's attention. Duels without history, easy to summarize in the goals, require players with outstanding accounts like Arturo Vidal and Griezmann. And both marked in an afternoon of boredom marked by the biorhythms of Barça. The Catalan sufficiency with 2-0 caused the awakening of Alavés and Messi had no choice but to intervene for a moment: 3-1.






Ter Stegen, Sergi Roberto (Nelson Semedo, min. 84), Alba, Piqué, Umtiti, Vidal, Aleñá, Busquets (Frenkie De Jong, min. 78), Messi, Luis Suárez (Carles Perez, min. 84) and Griezmann.


Pacheco, Ximo Navarro, Rubén Duarte, Rodrigo Ely, Martín Aguirregabiria, Pere Pons, Manu García, Wakaso (Joselu, min. 69), Aleix Vidal (Oliver Burke, min. 85), Javi Muñoz (Luis Rioja, min. 52) and Lucas Pérez.

1-0 min. 13: Griezmann. 2-0 min. 44: Vidal. 2-1 min. 55: Pere Pons. 3-1 min. 68: Messi. 4-1 min. 74: Luis Suarez (p).

Mario Melero López

Alba (min. 87),
Umtiti (min. 66),
Rodrigo Ely (min. 83),
Martín Aguirregabiria (min. 73),
Wakaso (min. 66) and
Aleix Vidal (min. 65).

Stadium:Camp Nou

It usually happens in the Barca. He plays according to the opponent and, when he has no plan to fight, he affirms and refuses the times it takes until Messi appears. The Argentine's 50th in 2019, possibly the same as 40 or 10, because his goals are traced – driving against the area, changing the pace and the tight thread to the goalkeeper's post – was enough to end the goal. thriller in which the clash with the surprising both of Pere Pons entered.

Messi appeared selectively, after an absurd arbitral decision for a double foul, to put the third and then grant the shot of a penalty to Luis Suarez by Martin. The Rosario claimed the life of the trident before a pale Alavés, cannon fodder after 4-1. Barcelona's effectiveness was tremendous in a difficult game to paint for Valverde.

It was not clear what to expect from the media line set by the Txingurri. The return of Busquets, the player who defines the style of the team that won six titles in 2009, honored at the stadium, coincided with the ownership of Vidal, an anti Barça flyer. The Chilean is part of those players signed just in case, when orthodoxy does not work and agitation, vertigo and goal are needed to combat calm, the academic game that is supposed to still teach the Masia, represented by Aleñá, the third wheel arranged before the Alavés.

Although the spindle's wheel does not stop spinning, an unexpected mix came out due to De Jong's absence and Rakitic's replacement. Both needed rest after many days of work no matter how much a plane awaited in El Prat. The expectation was low and most fans followed the game at a distance, required by the family to go shopping, just pending the goals of the Camp Nou. It didn't take long to get 1-0. Vidal deepened for Luis Suarez and his center was topped by Griezmann.

The Catalans played very comfortable and without fright before an inanimate Alavés. The boys of Asier Garitano they showed no competitive tension, without spirit or energy, folded behind Lucas Pérez. The coach preferred a debutant like Javi Muñoz before Joselu and the Barcelona defended themselves in a calm way, at the pace demanded by a center that does not meet the game as is Umtiti. The possessions were long and the strikers synchronized with the media for the constancy of Griezmann, the only one who seemed to play at the Camp Nou.

Arbitration confusion, the relaxation of the stands, the lack of competitiveness of Alavés and the goal of Griezmann killed the game and paid Barça's nap. There was no more news than a messi game. Thus, there is only one player capable of surviving the most sleepy days: Arturo Vidal. Hot-blooded player, the Chilean demands matches, asks to be a starter, always plays as if his life were and kicks like few others in Barça. To a rebound played by Suarez, Vidal responded with an unappealable cross shot: 2-0.

Reached the break, no one was in the game, until the Alavés had three occasions and had a great goal from Pere Pons after heading a Rubén Duarte center. The second did not come by a finger after a half exit of Ter Stegen and in a testarazo of Ximo Navarro that caused the rechifla of the Camp Nou. The meeting became dangerous for Barcelona, ​​heavy and without rhythm, all pending the VAR plays, until Messi appeared to wish happy holidays to the fans of Barça.

The subsequent 4-1 certified his leadership and undefeated status in 2019 at Camp Nou. Valverde says that waiting for spring, when the game will come, you have to look at the numbers and appreciate the punch of Barça.

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