Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Barcelona, ​​with all the senses before Manchester United

El Barcelona, con todos los sentidos ante el Manchester United

The Camp Nou, to overflow to finish the job. The stadium blaugrana, full to complete the work that began with a firm hand in Old Trafford and that must lead the Barcelona team to the semifinals. But before being among the first four you have to certify the ticket.

Last season they also started with the advantage of the first leg, that 4-1 that put everything in front, and then Rome fell to lead over the consciousness of Barça. Therefore, the team Valverde he knows that he has to avoid any excess of confidence so as not to suffer an unpleasant surprise and to reach the next round for the first time since 2015.

Ideal preparation

Barcelona has all its heavyweights fresh and has revulsives like Dembélé and Vidal

"The experiences of the past are good for something. We are all aware that a very tough match awaits us, "warned the coach, who put the illusion before fear and allowed himself to philosophize. "You have to write the destination. You will not be given something because it falls out of the sky, you have to go find it. We have to find our destiny. "

The 0-1 of last week is an excellent result but Manchester United exemplifies those miraculous teams that resuscitate when everyone gives them for buried. What do you ask PSG, who beat 0-2 to the devils network and then gave in to the Parc des Princes.

A rival with faith

United clings to his spirit and is a specialist in resuscitation when he is buried

Barca hopes that does not happen to him. He has prepared the ground impeccably to prevent fatigue and distractions. Valverde has his fresh heavy weights because they were dosed in block in Huesca, so it will not be for lack of legs. The Blaugrana team is interested in a controlled match, which does not go from area to area like a pinball but can not trust everything to the touch-plays without mordant, since the Champions is an episodic competition par excellence and at any time changes the direction of a tie. Regulate when to keep calm so that few things happen or when to throw to the jugular is one of the issues that should be measured by the Blaugrana, since today's rival only serves the victory in a Camp Nou where Barça does not lose in Europe from on May 1, 2013.

"We have to try to make our game. We are not going to speculate. We have to go for the victory without thinking about the first leg. It would be absurd, "Valverde analyzed.

The Barcelona coach will repeat, in principle, the bulk of Manchester's lineup although it is possible that he will practice changing Sergi Roberto for Semedo to be more sharp on the right with Reus, if he overcomes his muscular discomfort (last night he received medical clearance) ).

The coach knows that they are usually long matches, so it is good to have in the band revulsives, such as Arturo Vidal or Ousmane Dembélé, depending on the needs of each moment. The Frenchman, who reappeared in Huesca, brings a lot of overflow to the Blaugrana game. "I do not know if Ousmane is for ninety minutes. For me, it is not only important those who start but also those who finish the matches, "recalled Valverde.

Those who will be from the beginning will be Messi and Suarez. The Argentine does not suffer any consequences of the blow that Smalling gave him while the Uruguayan wants to finally get rid of the continental thorn, since this campaign has not scored in the Champions League.

As United did not in his stadium, where he transmitted an absolute lack of poison. Then he did not force Ter Stegen to intervene on any occasion. In this sense, his coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, looks for solutions to make his team more profound. Among the 22 expedition members has traveled Alexis Sanchez, but after six weeks injured in the knee, it would be very surprising that he was in the eleven. It is also new in the English Matic call, while Ander Herrera, who has not reached an agreement to renew, is still absent. The one who wants to be present, in the semifinals, is Barça.

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