Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Hamburg and Madrid are interested in the ‘Pontevedra model’

People walking through the center of Pontevedra

People walking through the center of Pontevedra
G. Santos

The call ‘Pontevedra model’ and the sustainable development program ‘PO2 ‘effect continues to arouse interest abroad and in the coming months will have an impact on various national and international events. To begin with, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its Environment Service, the Barcelona Provincial Council organizes a series of seminars on inspiring sustainability projects, to which the president of this county, Nuria Marín Martínez, has invited the mayor of Pontevedra, Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores, to participate in the debate: ‘Planning an urban model hand in hand with green’, scheduled for April 20.

In addition, Pontevedra will participate at the end of the month in the German Federal Cycling Congress organized by the Federal Ministry of Transport of Germany. This congress, which will be held in Hamburg, will be face-to-face and online on April 27 and 28. Pontevedra, through the Councilor for Promotion of the City, Anabel Gulías, will participate in the table of world experiences that aims to collect the “international best practices that everyone is talking about today and could become the new trends of the next decade “, in the words of the organizers.

The Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), through the Department of Economic Structure and Development Economics, will have Pontevedra on May 27 to participate in the monographic session “Sustainable urban planning and mobility”. This session is included in a forum on sustainable and inclusive mobility, led by a UAM research team, included in the European university alliance CIVIS.

From May 28 to 30, the International Play Association-Portugal organizes a conference on children’s play, in collaboration with the Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon and the City Council of Cascais. The title of the conference, motivated by the COVID, it will be ‘Play with uncertainty and challenges’. Already in June, Pontevedra is invited by the Évora town hall, also in Portugal, to participate in the workshop ‘Urban mobility and accessibility as factors of sustainable development’.

The city’s international agenda is also being completed by the end of the year. There is already an invitation to the Mayor’s Office of Pontevedra de la Mesa for the Climate of Granada, which will hold a virtual international congress in November with the title ‘Local action against climate change’. Pontevedra’s participation would be framed within a round table on ‘Mitigation and adaptation to climate change from the cities’.


On the other hand, this international agenda is being complemented with other initiatives such as the collaboration in both national and international publications, which are collecting the urban model, or its sectoral references.

Thus, the Austrian organization VCO, based in Vienna, has just included Pontevedra in its quarterly magazine ‘More space for active mobility’. In this issue, it addresses the topic of mobility and health and presents Pontevedra as a good practice and an example of quiet traffic. The VCO communication department contacted the City Council to request material on the city model, as well as photographs to accompany the publication.

In March, the City Council also received a request from the Italian architects Sara Cipolletti and Marco d’Annuntiis to reproduce the meter in the publication ‘Child Friendly Architectures’, a scientific publication that collects the results of a training course carried out by the School of Architecture and Design by Ascoli Piceno, the University of Camerino and Unicef ​​Italia on the spaces designed for children and teenagers.

In addition, the speed 30 of Pontevedra will also be part of the next issue of the magazine of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in which the supplement Cities 30 will appear. It is a preparatory document for the approval of these planned traffic regulations for May.


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