January 23, 2021

Barça’s elections on January 24th are hanging by a thread

General view of the Camp Nou in a LaLiga Santander match

General view of the Camp Nou in a LaLiga Santander match

The electoral campaign for the presidency of FC Barcelona should begin this Friday with the three candidates who have passed the signature cut, Joan Laporta, Víctor Font and Toni Freixa, but now everything hangs by a thread, especially the date January 24 voting.

Specifically, it depends on the meeting that the Generalitat of Catalonia (with the departments of Health, Interior and Sports) will have on Friday morning with the president of the Management Commission Carles Tusquets and other representatives of the club to assess the health situation and make a decision about the electoral process. After this meeting, there is the possibility that the Manager will meet in the afternoon to analyze what was discussed in the morning and agree on the steps to follow, but club sources assure EFE that the meeting is not yet confirmed.

In fact, the Minister of Health Alba Vergés announced this Thursday that the final decision on the postponement or not of the elections will be made by the FC Barcelona. “There is a technical meeting with the club in which Health will explain the same as in all sites: the current epidemiological situation and the one that we can find next week, “Vergés said at a press conference.

In any case, there is three possible paths for these elections: that the voting date of January 24 be maintained, that it be postponed until a later date in which the electoral campaign is resumed at the same point and until there is an electoral suspension and the process must start over from scratch.

The candidate who was most forceful on the subject was Joan Laporta, who was the one who collected the most signatures of the three and ruled that it would be “a fraud to democracy” if the elections were not held January 24. In addition, he considered that “the Generalitat should not intervene because Barça is a private entity.”

Víctor Font explained that “if the club does not provide an alternative way of voting to the one proposed, the elections will not be able to be held on the 24th.” And he added that the fact that “only 15,000 members could vote for the pandemic would lead to problems of legitimacy.” In addition, he said that “we must bear in mind that more than 40,000 members are over 60 years old“. That is why he asked that if necessary” efforts be made to change protocols and facilitate voting by mail. “In this sense, he explained that” it cannot be that there is not a single member who is afraid to leave and cannot exercise his right to vote “.

Toni Freixa, for his part, reported that “will respect all decisions of the Electoral Board“and asked that in” the elections the maximum participation be guaranteed. ”

The meeting between the Generalitat and FC Barcelona will also serve to clarify some issues related to voting in the event that the date remains for January 24. For example, if Barça members will have a special permission to exercise your right to vote that allows them to move from one municipality to another. Sources from the Generalitat explain that there is no decision taken in this regard and that it will not be so until the meeting with the Barça club has taken place, despite the fact that this Thursday it announced that the municipal confinement in Catalonia is extended until at least on Sunday 24, precisely the day on which the Barça elections are scheduled.

The venues chosen for voting are 10: Camp Nou (Barcelona), Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, Tortosa, Andorra, Madrid, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca and Seville. The postponement or not of the elections depend on important issues for FC Barcelona, ​​such as the possibility that the new board of directors begins to make decisions to reverse the serious financial situation of the club or that he can make a transfer in the winter market, with Manchester City center-back Eric García as the main name.


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