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Barça registers Griezmann after paying the 120 million termination clause | sports

Barcelona has closed the signing of Antoine Griezmann after depositing in LaLiga the 120 million of the termination clause of the French player's contract with Atlético de Madrid. The amount of the clause has been delivered by the player's lawyer at the headquarters of the Professional Football League this Friday. The entity azulgrana has announced the incorporation of the striker, who will have a clause of 800 million euros, for the next five seasons, until 2024.

The baggage of Griezmann, of 28 years, in the Athletic one is of 257 parties, 133 goals and three titles: League Europe and Supercopa of Europe (2018) and Supercopa of Spain (2014). And also of long summers in which the jokes with his march brought him succulent salary increases. On June 15 of last year, the French striker announced that, after discarding an offer from Barcelona, ​​he would remain at Atlético through a program titled The decision.

The signing takes place after a controversial process. The player communicated to Atlético on May 14 his decision to leave the club at the end of the season. On July 5 Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona, ​​revealed that a day earlier there had been a first meeting between the executive director of Barcelona Óscar Grau and the CEO of Atlético Miguel Ángel Gil to talk about the signing. At that meeting, the Catalan club requested the postponement of the payment of the clause.

Barça signs Griezmann after paying the 120 million termination clause

Following the appearance of Bartomeu, Atlético issued a statement in which accused both the player and Barcelona of having disrespected him. Atlético expressed their rejection in particular towards the way of proceeding of Barcelona, ​​for having induced the player to break their contractual link at an important time of the season for the club rojiblanco, in the heat of elimination against Juventus and when struggling for the title of League with Barcelona itself.

Barça signs Griezmann after paying the 120 million termination clause

Atletico, after Bartomeu's press conference, summoned Griezmann to join the start of the preseason last Sunday along with the rest of the rojiblanca team. The French striker sent a message announcing that he would pay the 120 million euro termination clause that would free him from his contract, but the notice, until the money is deposited at the headquarters of LaLiga, has no legal effect. According to Atlético, mere communication does not exempt any of the parties from fulfilling their obligations.

The position of Atlético was that Griezmann I had a contract with the club until 2023, while the player's lawyers indicated that the striker had complied with a formalism that exempted him from the duty of attending training. Atlético replied that there is no regulation that supports this position and that, therefore, the conditions were open to open a file for serious breach of contract.

Barça signs Griezmann after paying the 120 million termination clause

The payment of the clause now converts Griezmann into Barça, with whom Valverde wished to count from the first day of the start of training, this Monday. The Barcelona also aspires to the signing of Neymar to complete a front with Messi, Luis Suárez, in addition to Dembélé and Malcom.

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