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Barça raids Old Trafford

El Barça asalta Old Trafford

The Barça Assaulted Old Trafford. A goal in own door of ShawFirst canceled and then awarded by the VAR, he was able to take advantage of the tie and to get close to the semifinals. The Barcelona team, tremendously competitive, was always superior to Manchester United He did not know how to find the tickling and he did not finish between sticks in the whole game. A good part of the reasons must be sought in the concentration of the team of Valverde, well placed and mentalized to not break down.

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Manchester did not have anything to do with Rome, Paris or Turin, places of disasters of the Blaugrana set in Europe, and Barcelona was firm in its intentions. He was not outstanding in attack and did not have a Messi superlative, but the courage of Suárez, which caused the goal, and the shield of a Pique sensational in the return to their past stadium were decisive for Barca players can boast that they have finally won in one of the world's temples of football. Now they will have to certify their ticket next Tuesday at the Camp Nou. United raised 0-2 in the Parc des Princes, so Barça is already warned.

United lifted a 0-2 against PSG; Barça is warned

The battle of styles was presented quickly. From the alignment. Why Valverde opted for his gala eleven with the inclusion of Semedo, faster at the time of defending, on the right side and because United lacked two men of substance in the midfield, Matic Y Ander Herrera. A compendium of reasons that caused Barcelona to go to swing the ball from side to side in search of pause, control and space and the Old Trafford team was collected in the vicinity of De Gea.

Barcelona looked for the touch, United pursued the gallop. In that fight to see who imposed his map of operations dominated the Barcelonist team, authoritarian with the ball. Not too deep, it's true, but always trying to keep the party's bridles from getting out of hand. The red devils they relied a good part of their hopes on long trips for the booming Rashford while in Barcelona the protagonism of the sleep fell on the boots of Arthur. The azulgrana team was advancing slowly but surely until it found the crack by which to open the padlock of the Solskjaer.

Solskjaer, in the foreground; Valverde, in second

Solskjaer, in the foreground; Valverde, in second
(Lluis Gene / AFP)

Busquets He leaked a ball to the back of the central players towards Messi. The Argentine controlled the ball but was left with no angle to shoot. He did not get nervous, looked up and placed the ball to the back post where Suarez emerged. The Uruguayan hit the ball with his head and Shaw it deflected slightly preventing the rivet from Coutinho and introducing it into the network.

He celebrated as a possessed Suarez but the referee invalidated him for alleged offside. Fortunately went out for a walk the VAR and after a few moments of suspense legalized the Barça player. He returned to celebrate the charrúa as if it were his but UEFA gave it to Shaw. Be as it was sent by Barca on the scoreboard and knew honey after the experiences of the past in this round at home, when he had been hit on the chin repeatedly.

The VAR legalized the goal of Barça, canceled by Rocchi

It was convenient for Barcelona in that position not to touch anything, to continue raseando the ball and to be desperate United, expert in looking sunk to end up coming afloat. The English team did not have too much imagination in their attacks but sniffed the occasion because of some stupid losses of Barca, personified in Busquets, a bit slow at the time of turning and inaccurate in his specialty, triangular in the wide area. Rashford tried it from afar and on the run. Water. It connected the United lateral centers. Water because Piqué and Lenglet they were solid at the top and Ter Stegen I was attentive in the fist and foot outs

They did not finish off between Manchester clubs throughout the first half. Of course, Barça could only be counted on a well-directed shot. Not the goal, own door, but a very clear occasion after a divided ball that went down a magnificent Suarez to combine with Coutinho. The Brazilian, who moved with criteria and personality, took a dry shot that From Gea miscarried with feline form. There was the 0-2 while Messi was trying to recover from a tremendous blow to the nose that Smalling gave him with a forceful jump.

Without shining too much, Messi was decisive again

Without shining too much, Messi was decisive again
(Jon Super / AP)

There had not been excessive things in the areas but that was not bad for Barça, who was ahead and was acting with seriousness. Old Trafford remained quite quiet, in the "library" format that some used to criticize their fans while the Barcelona parish smiled.

It was foreseeable that United would try to shake the game. I try with more courage than clairvoyance while the Barcelona yielded the initiative and fell back, running the risk that a loose ball in a center or rejects it would harm. Despite this, the most crystalline options were for those of Valverde. As one that they generated after a long play culminated with a service of Semedo Suarez, who finished the side of the network. Or the one that arranged Jordi Alba, whose shot dismantled an inspired De Gea.

Lukaku, desperate before the marking of Piqué

Lukaku, desperate before the marking of Piqué
(Oli Scarff / AFP)

By then the Blaugrana coach had moved the tree relieving Coutinho and Arthur for Sergi Roberto Y Vidal. The purring samba gave way to muscle and fresh legs. Barca accumulated men in the center and it was better to take a step forward and Roberto and Semedo began to have superiority on the right flank.

Solskjaer responded by putting Martial, but he also did not find the gunpowder and when he looked at it, an immeasurable Piqué appeared, sweeping everything. Barça ended with an eternal rondo while only the voice of his followers was heard. To finish it off at Camp Nou.

Data sheet

Manchester United, 0 - FC Barcelona, ​​1

Manchester United: De Gea; Young, Lindelof, Smalling, Shaw; Pogba, Dalot (Lingard, m.74), Fred, McTominay; Rashford (Pereira, m.85) and Lukaku (Martial, m.68).

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Semedo, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba; Busquets (Aleña, m.93), Rakitic, Arthur (Roberto, m.66); Messi, Suárez and Coutinho (Vidal, m.65).

Goals: 0-1 Shaw, p.p m.12.

Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA) admonished Shaw (m.20), Lingard (m.74) and Smalling (m.86) on the part of the locals and Busquets (m.18) and Vidal (m.71) on behalf of the visitors.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League played at the Old Trafford stadium (Manchester).

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