Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Barça: Pride was unbeatable

Espanyol - Barça: El orgullo fue imbatible

Sportsmanship in the field and in the stands as far as a derby allows. The chants in favor of Spanish they excelled in the derby and in full shower of goals to the insults, that there were, but that were minority and isolated. They lost the premises in the field, but they won in the stands, which did not have a reproach for their own. It may seem a paradox, even a joke, but the parakeet pride was reinforced in Cornellà despite the harsh corrective suffered before the worst rivals. And as strange as some may see it, the most painful defeat helped reinforce and unite a hobby that grows in these situations.

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Several parakeet legends have been present in one of the tifos

Because beyond the turf, where sanity and sportsmanship were also imposed, without any hint of violence, the party had all the elements that make perico feeling strong. Beginning with the tribute that the club paid to the disappeared Juan Segura Palomares in the minutes before the shock. And, logically, by the typhus that had prepared for the occasion both the Youth as The curve, paying his particular tribute to Spanish glories such as Zamora, Cashew, Lauridsen, Canito Y Tamudo. In addition to the great show of light, music and flags with which the club presented the eleven of Rubi and the departure to the field of both teams.

The priority: defend a pride that does not know defeat

The Spanish coach had already advanced that without aligning a team with guarantees to compete and be that Espanyol of the first section of the league, would try to give some surprise. And that was already seen in those previous moments, since Melendo he returned to be a starter after his delivered match Cup before him Cádiz Y Hernán He also won the position in the starting lineup after becoming the great creator of putting the team in the eighths of this same competition. And the public celebrated that eleven as if it were a final.

But the goals of the rival came, one after another, which worse and more painful. Another hobby possibly, would have begun to parade. Another stadium would have gone off. But RCDE Stadium He continued vibrating and encouraging his people. Until the end. Confident in a goal that actually came, but that the VAR made disappear. It did not matter. There was also no outrage over that. The priority was to encourage the team. Defend a pride that knows no defeat.

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