July 24, 2021

Barça preferred Paulinho before Vidal | sports

Barça preferred Paulinho before Vidal | sports

Two summers ago, the sports area of ​​Barça offered Valverde the possibility of signing Arturo Vidal, knowing that the player wanted a change of air after years at Bayern and would not find it too expensive to incorporate. The technician rejected the idea because, in consensus with the then technical secretary Robert Fernandez and the sports commission, they decided that it was better to bring Paulinho, owner with the Brazilian team that generated a thousand doubts but that over time won the fans for its dedication, discipline, behavior and aim. Returned Paulinho to China and renewed the Barca sports area, Barca signed the Chilean because he considered it the best replacement for what Valverde wanted; a player from area to area with arrival and muscle, also predisposition for defensive exercise. But it does not seem to have changed too much the opinion of the Barca coach in a year, as he hardly has Vidal, who, contrary to what he predicted on his arrival, is more a protagonist outside the field than inside. A very difficult situation.

Valverde, who attends the merits before the DNI, did not give him a start roll as he did with the other signings of the summer. "When you have quality and is prepared, you can adapt to any team," Vidal replied after playing his first game as a starter with Barça (draw against Girona). The words of the medium did not take effect, which did not win minutes and a growing anger that has thrown with texts and words. It turns out that he bothered to be substituted against Athletic and was unnerved when he was Arthur's substitute against Tottenham because from the club he was told he was for the physical matches, back and forth with the need to put the leg. "Arturo knew where he came from, like all the signings", they count from the sports city. Although from the environment of the player explain that Paulinho minutes should be for Vidal because they suggested so. But for now they are for Arthur, who has two consecutive titles expressed with a cerebral football that allows possession of the ball.

Dislikes for Vidal, who put an emoticon of anger in social networks after the victory against Tottenham. "He has not told me anything, he has not told me to be angry", ironized Valverde, who asked Valencia to warm up and did not take him out. Minutes later, the flyer was posted on Instagram with a message for whoever betrayed him. "With the Judas they do not fight, they hang themselves", he hung up on his account, adorned with fists and symbols of the king, which is what he is nicknamed: King Arthur The problem is that in Barça there is only one king and he has 10. But far from appeasing his ambition, Vidal again regretted his situation upon his arrival in Miami with the Chilean national team, where he will play a friendly against Peru. "How will I be happy if I do not play?", He ripped off; "I'm fine physically, very well and happy, but in the last few matches I've been a bit annoyed. It's like that, we're going to keep fighting, there are many important matches coming and I hope to be a starter. "

"I say it to the face"

Although he has deleted two of his messages on Instagram, which indicates that he can warn him before reason, Vidal denied the major. "When I have a problem or I get angry, I go directly to the coach and talk to him. One has several reasons to do those things. It was nothing athletic. Then I took it out so that people do not start speculating. There are things that are personal, joking, that one can upload to social networks and people take it badly. That's why I changed it. Nothing to do with Barcelona or with anyone. When I have to say some things I say it to my face, "he said. Although from Miami, contrary to what he proclaims his speech, he asked to be a headline through the micros.

From the club they are clear: "We must address the issue and deal with it internally." But they are worried because they know that Vidal is not just anyone, that he has his press and that, if he does not have minutes, he could propose a change of scenery. A tangle that row against the current, now that the locker room demands a union to recover the pace in LaLiga.

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