August 1, 2021

Barça is approaching the threshold of 1,000 million | sports

Barça is approaching the threshold of 1,000 million | sports

It was not easy to digest Neymar's departure. But the 222 million that the PSG paid to Barça, last season shot the income of the club, which now claims not to lower the bar. The entity presented on Tuesday the result of the annual accounts and the budget for the 2018-2019 academic year, which is the highest in the history of a sports club: 960 million euros. "It's historic worldwide. If we compare with the NBA or the NFL, we have the highest budget, "remarked Òscar Grau, the club's CEO.

The forecast is to collect 46 million more than what Barca entered last season, but without the 222 million -188 net- paid by the PSG to sign Neymar. "It's a challenge," Grau said. We have to turn something exceptional into an ordinary matter. We must increase the source of income. "The club expects to receive 44 million more than the last year in terms of television rights, which includes the Champions of the Champions, more juicy from this course; and 93 more for the marketing, derived from the attraction of new sponsors and the control of the club stores, until now exploited by Nike. "People thought that when we spoke of entering 1,000 million a year it was an electoral pretension, but we are on the right track", added Grau.

The exit of Neymar, nevertheless, did not reduce the wage mass of its players. The game of 588 million euros with which the forecasts of last season started up increased by 8.6% (reached up to 639 million), according to the economic balance of the club. Those were the most important expenses of the last campaign, 70% of the total. It is a considered percentage of risk in the soccer business, which considers healthier percentages not exceeding 55%. It would be much greater if the club had not achieved more income and, consequently, had not increased its overall expenses.

The club includes in that salary mass both the chips that professionals charge and the amortizations of the signings. That last point is not trivial, given the numerous additions of the last courses. The 639 million of the salary mass derives from the 520 million in chips (42% more than the previous season) and the 119 of the amortizations (77% more). For this course, the board estimates that salaries represent 66% of the total budget, 62% if only the salaries of the first soccer team were considered. "But we are a multi-sports club, and many of our rivals," Grau said.

In spite of everything, to the club the numbers leave to him. It closed last year with record revenues (914 million, 29% more), a gross operating profit (ebitda) of 177 million euros and a net profit of 20 million euros, 50% less than expected.

Its net indebtedness stands at 157.4 million euros, a figure that can not be compared with last year's data. The same club indicated 247 million euros a year ago. The accountants of the entity have modified their calculations to be able to compare them, according to the vice president and treasurer of the entity, Enrique Tombas, with the rest of football clubs at the discretion of LaLiga.

The current debt, less than 200 million, allows the club to continue with the investments of Espai Barça, as promised by Josep Maria Bartometu. "We have been working in the naming rights of the new stadium ", recognizes Grau. The club aims to get the 200 million established in the initial project to develop the Espai Barça. "It's not easy, but I'm optimistic. We have possible contracts between 15 and 25 years. " Sources of the club assure that at the end of season the decision should be taken and the name of the Camp Nou should already be known.

The League at least

In order for the budget to be met, the club counts on winning the League and reaching the Champions League rooms at least. "But we also want to win it, of course," recalls Grau. In case of lifting the trophy, the bonus bonus for the results of the template would imply an unscheduled extra outlay.

Neither are new additions planned in January – "although they are necessary, they will be contemplated with affection", justifies Grau- ni the possible benefits of playing in Miami.

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