July 11, 2020

Barça accounts to qualify for the Champions League round of 16 after their stumble

"We are going to worry a little bit, but not so much," Valverde said after tying with Slavia in another demonstration of his helplessness. The point allows him to continue leading the group F of the Champions with 8 points, for 7 of Borussia, 4 of Inter and 2 of Slavia. It does not put you in a problem, but it can get you in a lot of trouble in case of another stumble. On the next day, Barça receives Borussia Dortmund on November 27. In case of victory, you will have the ranking for eighths mathematically, as well as first group. The draw would be worth it if Inter did not win the Slavia in Prague. In case of triumph of the Italians in the Czech Republic and the draw or defeat of Barcelona against Borussia, the problems would come: an Inter-Barcelona on the last day in which everything would be played. And there is no Spanish team to play a game in Milan under such pressure.

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