February 25, 2021

Barbón initiates contacts with representatives of all the parties except Vox to speak of the governability of Asturias

As reported by the Asturian Socialist Federation (FSA-PSOE) in a press release, the purpose with which this round begins is "to build a legislature of dialogue and the search for agreements."

The first meeting will be held by Barbón with representatives of the PP at 10 a.m. One and a half hours later it will be the turn of Podemos and, in the afternoon, at 4.30 pm, there will be a meeting with Citizens.

On Wednesday, this round will continue at 10.00 am with Izquierda Unida, and later, at 11.30 am, it will meet with representatives of the Asturias Forum.

In the Asturian elections of May 26 the PSOE was the most voted force to reach 20 deputies of 45. Behind the PP were 10, Citizens with 5 and we can Asturias with 4. On the other hand, IU-IX, Forum and Vox They have two each.

The absolute majority is set at 23 deputies, although the Asturian electoral system prevents the deputies from voting against the candidate for president, being possible the affirmative vote or abstention to facilitate the governance of the force that has more support.

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