Barbie fights climate change with sustainable dolls

The company was committed to using 100% recyclable plastics.

The company had committed to using 100% recyclable plastics.

The American toy company Mattel has launched a new collection of its well-known Barbie dolls made of recycled plastic to prevent these materials from becoming marine debris.

As reported by CNN on Thursday, the new collection of the doll is named after 'Barbie Loves the Ocean' ('Barbie loves the ocean') and all her costumes and accessories have to do with the sea and the beach.

The toy company has partnered for this purpose with the plastics treatment company Envision Plastics, a major recycler, and the material will be sourced from areas in the Baja California peninsula, in USA, where it is trying to mitigate pollution by plastic waste.

"Our sustainability efforts represent the next step in Barbie's mission and social evolution."Lisa McKnight, Mattel's senior vice president who is responsible for these dolls, told CNN.

McKnight believes that we must do everything possible "to protect the planet, reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable everyday behaviors."

The toy company with a 76-year history had previously committed to using 100% recycled plastic materials, recyclable or of biological origin in all its products and packaging by 2030.

Last May, the toy company announced that it was launching a program called "Mattel Playback," which encourages consumers to send Mattel their old toys so that the firm can reuse the materials for future products.

The chain recalls that Mattel is not alone in its green efforts, as many large toy companies are trying to become more sustainable after decades of relying on environmentally destructive plastic in their products and packaging.


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