Baraka asks the City Council of Madrid to stop the construction of the Spain Building

Baraka asks the City Council of Madrid to stop the construction of the Spain Building

Grupo Baraka, of businessman Trinatario Casanova, has requested today before the Area of ​​Sustainable Urban Development of the Madrid City Council and before the courts of First Instance of the capital, the work stoppage of the Spain Building, in which Riu plans to open a hotel with commercial area.

In a statement, Baraka says he has been forced to take this "difficult decision" to the "inexplicable" refusal of Riu to carry out reinforcement works in the building and accuses the hotel group of prioritizing the reduction of costs and deadlines to the security.

According to the same source, the RCCyP study has waived the facultative direction of the works for the refusal of the property to execute "all the reinforcement works and structural consolidation to adapt it to the current regulations and that could endanger the stability of the building "

Baraka argues that the promoter has decided to carry out the works on the margin of the "report of results of the study carried out on the conditions that the architecture and foundations of the building Spain impose on their rehabilitation, dated February 9, 2017", written by INTEMAC ( Technical Institute of Materials and Construction).

This report, he warns, includes the need for reinforcements throughout the building and its indicators were incorporated into the drafting of the Basic Project of Consolidation Works that served as the basis for the concession on March 31, 2017 of the mandatory license requested by the Group. Baraka, without which they could not have even started the works whose suspension has been requested today.

On September 3, Riu assured that it was undertaking the "remodeling and maintenance works necessary to reinforce the structure and guarantee the conservation" of the "lateral and frontal" facades of the Building of Spain, "as established by the Law on the Protection of Buildings. Historical ".

The hotel chain responded to Casanova, who accused her of not building the property according to what was "agreed".

On August 21, Baraka reported that he had sued the hotelier, to whom he sold the building in June 2017, before the courts of Madrid for breach of contract to Riu's refusal to deed 15,000 square meters of commercial property committed in favor of Baraka Renta. Then he said he would ask for the precautionary halt of the works.

That same day, Riu reported that he had begun negotiations to sell said commercial area to a fund and assured that it was not true that Baraka had the right to purchase it.


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