Bara Lassa says goodbye to the Top 4 on the last play against Bayern Munich - La Provincia

Bara Lassa says goodbye to the Top 4 on the last play against Bayern Munich - La Provincia

The Barça Lassa gave (73-71) this Thursday in his visit to Bayern Munich because of the winning basket of an ex like Petteri Koponen, that dismissed the culé team of their options to reach the 'Top 4' in the face of the 'playoffs' of the Euroleague, although they entered the last quarter with an income of 12 points.

The victory of Anadolu Efes (18-10) on Buducnost and the Culé defeat (16-12) It leaves Svetislav Pesic with no options to have a factor on the road to the 'Final Four'. With two matches of the Regular Phase, the Barça it is almost certain fifth insurance, so the accounts begin to confirm their duel at 'disadvantage' with the Turks.

Koponen punished a team that again showed an irregular image away from the Palau, unable to defend or break the game when he had it better. After several feints, the start of the last quarter seemed the visitor's sentence (51-63). The Audi Dome ended up enjoying the comeback of a Bayern who, after three defeats in a row, still dreams of the 'Top 8'.

After winning on Tuesday in Gran Canaria and with the results on Wednesday, the classification was already mathematical for those of Pesic before playing on German soil. The match had a starting rhythm, with both teams enjoying more of attacking than defending. The azulgrana box protected his hoop in the rebound, played well in the opposite with Tomic and Singleton, but neglected the defensive transition that took advantage of and much the Bayern.

A) Yes he showed his Pesic anger already in the second quarter, where they gave away the small income that Heurtel's warm-up (32-36) won. The Barça improved after the break those oversights in defense and gave a first blow to the match in the middle of the local mistake (32-43). The Pesic chose the long way and the Germans reacted with a partial 6-0, to which Ribas and Claver responded with two triples.

Barça's new attempt burned him based on techniques (49-56). The last quarter also started well the culé team, achieving its maximum. Jovic and Koponen started the comeback that did not know how to stop Pesic, with Claver breaking the hard partial against. Heurtel had the alternative in the last two minutes of tension but the triple Lucic began to dismiss Barça, sentenced by an ex.

Data sheet

Bayern Munich: Jovic (10), Dedovic (1), Lucic (7), Barthel (9) and Radosevic (4) - starting squad -; Dangubic (-), Hobbs, Koponen (14), Amaize (1), Lo (2), Williams (11) and Booker (14).

Barça Lassa: Pangos (3), Ribas (10), Claver (7), Singleton (12) and Tomic (13) - initial squad -; Heurtel (13), Blazic (10), Smits (-), Pustovyi (-), Oriola (3) and Kuric (-).

Partial: 18-19, 14-17, 17-20, 24-15.

Referees: Ryzhyk (UCR), Javor (SVN) and Vojinovic (SER). Without eliminated.

Pavilion: Audi Dome, 6,500 spectators.


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