June 17, 2021

Bara chooses Koeman as new coach – La Provincia

Ronald Koeman will be appointed coach of Barça unless there is a strong and unexpected dissent at this Sunday’s board meeting. Josep Maria Bartomeu will appear before his teammates with the name of the Dutch coach as a candidate for replace Quique Setién when checking that Mauricio Pochettino, the preferred option of the president and some managers, provokes a strong rejection among the culé mass, extremely sensitive with respect to the technician of the Spanish, regarding the team and regarding the board after the humiliation of Lisbon.

The coaching relief that took place in January is repeated in August, without Setién being able to stop the decadent dynamics that the team was aiming for and that motivated Bartomeu to dismiss Valverde. The Barça has gone of bad worse until I fall to the deepest chasm with 2-8. Koeman gave the first European cup to the club and Koeman will be the one who begins to restore the honor buried in Lisbon.

Commitment to selection

The Wembley hero resigned in January because he felt the commitment to remain linked to the Dutch team, which he led to the runner-up in the first edition of the Nations League in 2019 and which he was going to lead to the canceled European Championship of the past month of June. Koeman’s bond continues; What is not clear at all is that national team competitions will resume in September due to the asymmetric spread of the coronavirus.

The UEFA has been able to create security bubbles to resume (and end) the club competitions started. Difficulties are multiplied by the movement of national teams and the calls of international footballers, who may belong to different teams and play in different countries. Between the possibility of spend a year in white and train Barça, one of the great illusions of his life, the Barça color predominates.

The calls

A representative of the Barcelona club called the manager’s agent last week to test his signing again. By listening to the predisposition, mutual interest was reactivated to terminate the contract with the federation of the Netherlands -There is a release clause for Barça-, and negotiate the contract with the Barça team. The next step was the direct talk between Bartomeu and Koeman, who has spent a few days at his house in Barcelona. Until Sunday, he returned to Holland.

The technician’s coronary problem was not going to be an obstacle to stop the former Dutch defender. “The cardiologist has told me that I can do everything. I can continue to coach, “he assured Catalunya Ràdio in mid-June. At that time, he already saw few options for Barça to win the Champions League:” He must play better than he is doing. There are other favorites. “

It had been “a scare”, in the words of Koeman, what he experienced on May 3 when he had to be hospitalized urgently after a bike excursion. The doctors performed a catheterization to clear an arterial blockage. The next day he returned home and three days later issued a statement to express that he felt “as healthy as a fish” and announcing: “I’ll be back in force as soon as the ball rolls again. “

Steady hand

In truth, she has not stopped rolling, although Barça has punctured her in her ignominious performance in Lisbon against Bayern. The deplorable performance of the team supports the board to take drastic measures, but it must be done by a coach on their behalf due to the greater technical knowledge that he possesses.

Koeman, who has no debt to anyone in the club or the dressing room, beyond the bond he feels with Frenkie de Jong, will not shake his pulse to adjust the squad. He already did it in the Valencia. The decisions he makes will be better accepted than if Pochettino acquired them as Koeman was a legend and a figure of consensus among Barça fans. Bartomeu can only guarantee you one year of contract. Maybe Koeman will be able to lengthen it …


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