Bara: a new document links I3 Ventures with the defamatory campaign – La Provincia

The dripping of new tests linking the company I3 Ventures with a campaign of discredit directed to the first team and to rivals of the board of directors, according to the latest documents provided by the program ‘El Larguero’ of the Cadena SER on Monday night. A 36-page dossier, signed by Nicestram, a company of which I3 Ventures is a subsidiary, shows the six accounts related to the discredit campaign and the impact on social networks through Facebook and Twitter.

These accounts were suspended on Monday night after I3 Ventures also closed its official website. These data, according to the same report, could only be available to the administrator of the same. This document provides a graphic that quantifies the number of impressions of messages on social networks with a total of 58.5 million and a range of 51.5 million.

The objective

The purpose of these messages always according to the same information was twofold. On the one hand, disseminate texts to protect the reputation of President Josep María Bartomeu and the board of directors of Barça and on the other erode the image of soccer players, former players, people and entities that were related to the Barca club, as was the case with Pep Guardiola, Xavi Hernández, Joan Laporta or Gerard Piqué, among others.

Specifically, the six Facebook accounts, which would be managed by I3 Ventures, according to this data are ‘Més que un club’ (66,000 followers), ‘Respect and Sport’ (56,000), ‘Alter Sports’ (27,000),’ Sport Leaks’ (21,000), ‘Justice and Dialogue in Deport’ (8,500) and ‘Jaume, a horror film (5,000)’.

In the new 36 page report, signed by Nicestream, owned by the head of I3 Ventures, who would have been sent to Barça periodically, you can see information and data that refer to these Facebook channels and their impacts on social networks are broken down with data that can only be have the administrator of those pages. Another evidence of the SER is that ‘Respect and Sport’, one of the Facebook accounts that appear in the report, is associated with a web page that is owned by I3 Ventures.


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