October 26, 2020

Baptist lesson to impose on Kyrgios and advance to Spain in the semifinals

The Spaniard won 6-1 and 6-4. Turn now for Nadal, who can put Spain in the final if he beats Álex de Miñaur

Spain is one step away from the final of the ATP Cup, where Serbia is already waiting, after Bautista beat Kyrgios in the first semifinals in an impeccable match: 6-1 and 6-4. He has two bullets now to achieve the classification: Nadal against De Miñaur and the doubles match.

A perfect first set by Roberto Bautista. It is a thick word, some but always there, but honestly it is difficult to find it in this case in the Spanish tennis player, taking into account the quality of the rival he faced: Nick Kyrgios, terrible punch and terrific player when focused. But when in the second game of the game, the first time he served, he lost, went into crisis. That got out of the script. It was the beginning of a torture for him and an exhibition of his rival. Because Bautista stunned the “aussie” and then go after him: direct kicks, a winning right that even his opponent applauded, good volleys, courage to go to the net … Kyrgios did not stop talking, he was angry with his bench , with the world, although it did not happen from there. The reaction was normal. The controversial player seems to be more moderate in this beginning of 2020. If he pressed the Australian, Roberto responded. The set finished 6-1. It did not last half an hour (29 minutes).

The change had to come and he did it from that first devastating blow of Kyrgios. What a facility to get over 200 kilometers per hour … And what quality and intuition of Baptist to return some of them. The Spaniard tried to continue making the hard game, that was not a pim, pam, service and right. The match, of course, was another. Balanced. The previous thing had been a beating. In the third game of this second set came the first great threat of the “aussie”, which was careful from the bottom and pulled hard. When he hits him flat with his right and he enters the ball he goes to full pill. But Baptist to his own, in machine mode, a blow, another, another, on the one hand, on the other, and saved the game without giving up break ball. He was missing a point of controversy to the meeting and soon arrived. With a break-up ball for the Spaniard, Kyrgios turned to his missile and with an open serve he achieved the “ace” and celebrated it with a shout… But no, the chair judge said that he had touched the net, that he had to keep playing , and past laps threw out a right by far. Bautista’s service break was consumed and his rival could no more: he stamped the racket against the ground. It was shattered. What the Australian cannot be denied is that he should not continue trying. In situations like this, sometimes you let go and set up the show. This time, perhaps something in despair, he remained dangerous and had his first break opportunity, which he tried to win with everything, throwing himself for a Superman ball. He left the Baptist hurry with the fortitude he showed all night. He arrived at 4-2 and did not miss the game with his two serve turns. Before, the rest, he had already had two final balls. It was a lesson that the Spaniard gave. He worked as “top 10”.


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