May 10, 2021

Banksy, genius or vandal?

Banksy, genius or vandal?

He started painting on the walls of the streets. He revolutionized Street Art and little by little he climbed up to the top of contemporary art and became part of the market in a clear way. The man whose face is unknown will land in Madrid next week with an ambitious show consisting of seventy works that will show all the faces of the artist, from the street to the gallery, and which will be open until March 2019. Banksy is the cover of media from all over the world every so often. And Spain is no stranger. The capital will open in Pavilion 5.1 of Ifema, which is presented as "the first major exhibition about the iconoclastic British artist who has revolutionized contemporary art and whose identity remains unknown." The sample "Banksy: Genius or Vandal? It will collect original works, sculptures, installations, videos and photographs from international private collections, some of which will be for sale. "The girl of the globe", who starred weeks ago an unprecedented show at Sotheby's when it was acquired after being destroyed by a shredder that was part of the frame. The buyer, which was made with the renamed work (Love is in the bin), paid 1.8 million euros for the work.

In the words of Alexander Nachkebiya, curator of the exhibition: "Banksy has acquired the status of a phenomenon and is one of the brightest and most important artists of our time.

for the system, a protest, an extremely well-constructed brand, a mystery, a disobedience to the law … We want each visitor to be able to solve for himself who Banksy really is: a genius or a thug ?, an artist or an entrepreneur ?, a provocateur or a rebel? Our exhibition aims to show the depth of its talent, its multiple layers and dimensions so that the visitors themselves can think and decide. His work, always current and very complete, delves into the soul of each one of us. I guess all this makes him a genius for me. "

The exhibition, organized by IQ Art Management and Sold Out and which, like the ones held, is no longer authorized by the artist, arrives in Spain after being seen in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where it has been visited by more than 500,000 people.

It can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The general admission price will be € 14.90 + management fees, while from Tuesday to Friday it will cost € 12.90 + management fees. They can be purchased as of today at


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