bankruptcies rise 79%




The first half of the year has registered a total of 3,183 bankruptcy proceedings, 79% more than in the atypical year 2020, according to data from the Study on Contests and Dissolutions carried out by Informa D&B (a Cesce subsidiary).

Also the number of dissolutions has increased, with 15,265 registering an increase of 34%. In addition, the percentage of companies that present the contest and the extinction at the same time, known as express contest: if in June 2020 it was 48%, the same month this year the percentage is 68%, the highest figure since the beginning of 2020. During the current year, this proportion has been above 60 every month %.

On the other hand, the number of bankruptcy proceedings registered in June, 484, is the second lowest of the year, but it is 25% above that of last year. However, the dissolution data for the month breaks the downward trend that they had in the current year to reach 1,974 processes, 2% more than in May, almost double the 1,034 dissolutions recorded in 2020.

Of the total number of contests presented in June, micro-enterprises have accounted for 79%, there are 384. 19% belong to the category of small companies and 2% to that of medium-sized companies. No large company has started insolvency proceedings this month.

Increase in all autonomies

All the autonomous regions have increased the number of contests since the beginning of the year, except for Ceuta, which does not have one, and Melilla, with one, the same as the previous year. Catalonia is the community with the highest number of contests In the first semester, 878, 28% of the total, and it is the one that adds the most, 442. It is followed by Madrid which reaches 628, 102% more, and Valencia with 439, a 56% advance.

In June the data is cut by Aragon, 17%, Cantabria, 75%, Valencia, 13%, Estremadura, 25% and The Rioja, 20%. Madrid surpasses Catalonia in the data for the month of June, with 119 processes compared to 116

The solutions in the first half of the year they are led by Madrid, with 4,113. Far behind, Andalusia and Valencia, with 2,091 and 1,826 respectively. 27% of the processes started in this period are located in Madrid, adding 877 with respect to the previous year. In June dissolutions grow 69% in Madrid, up to 541. Andalusia remains at 285 and Valencia at 224.

The companies declared bankrupt in the first half of the year had 28,348 employees and a billing of more than 3,000 million euros, similar to that of the same period of the previous year. In those affected by the dissolutions, 56,717 people worked and posted sales of 9,000 million euros, above the 5,500 million of these six months in 2020.

The hospitality industry, one of the most affected

Hospitality is the sector where the number of contests has grown the most since January, it adds 423 to 547. It is the third that accumulates the most, surpassed by Construction and real estate activities, with 567, and Commerce with 629. During the sixth month of the year Construction leads the data with 101 tenders, followed by Commerce with 98 and Hospitality with 72.

Agriculture and Extractive Industries are the only sectors where the number of tenders is not growing so far this year, they are down 14% and 50% respectively. In June, the processes were also reduced in Industry, Commerce and Business Services.

Dissolutions have increased across the board during the first half of the year. The first is Construction and real estate activities, with 3,636, followed by Commerce with 2,975, 33% and 30% more each. Together they account for 43% of the national total. The same sectors registered the most processes in June, 454 and 436 each.

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