July 30, 2021

Bankrupt Primera Air, the airline that planned to connect Madrid with the United States. from 149 dollars

Bankrupt Primera Air, the airline that planned to connect Madrid with the United States. from 149 dollars



The low-cost Icelandic airline Primera Air, which connected the Nordic countries with tourist destinations in southern Europe, stopped operating last midnight after declare bankrupt.

"The company has worked tirelessly in recent months to ensure long-term financing. Faced with the inability to reach an agreement with our bank for bridge financing, we have no other option but to file for bankruptcy, "the company said in a statement.

The airline's financial situation has been affected by "several unfortunate unforeseen events" over the last two years, such as the loss of an aircraft due to corrosion problems and delays in the delivery of its new fleet of Airbus 321 NEO.

Your Norwegian competitor Norwegian offered rescue rates today at half price and under certain conditions to the passengers of eight First Air routes – among them the ones that connect Copenhagen with Gran Canaria, Málaga and Palma de Mallorca in Spain- that have been trapped far from their homes.

Primera Air has its origin in the Icelandic airline Jet X, founded in 2003 and acquired five years later by the First Travel Group, also Icelandic.

With headquarters in Copenhagen and Riga, Primera Air connected northern Europe with some 40 destinations –a dozen of them in Spain-, and had announced plans to fly next year from Madrid to the US. from149 dollars.

Compromised compensation

Passengers affected by the bankruptcy of the Icelandic airline have complicated to get compensation because of the cancellation of their flights. From the claiming website, they explain that "despite the fact that passengers have the right to complain, the reality is that it becomes really complicated to recover the money, because in the case of bankruptcy, the clients of the company are in last position of collection ». In this way, they comment that those passengers who are already in the country of destination must use their own means to return.

On the other hand, those who would have bought a combined flight (flight more hotel) you may have more luck. In this case, they may claim the agency with which they contracted the trip, who is obliged to assume the costs of repatriation or alternative transportation, as well as the damages or losses caused.


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