Bankinter reinforces its 'Next Generation EU' solutions for companies

Updated: 06/02/2022 21:49h
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Bankinter reinforces its support for Spanish business projects so that they advance faster in the Next Generation EU programme. For this reason, it has renewed its service on European funds with a battery of specific financial solutions.

The objective is that companies can streamline their initiatives within this aid framework approved by the European Commission. To this end, they will be able to access the Next Generation EU Loans, which offer useful financing, since it supports the part of the investment that is not covered by European aid. It is usual that the grant does not reach 100% of the amount necessary to start a project.

To bridge this gap, companies will be able to access different options, both in repayment terms and in amortization modalities.

On the other hand, for those cases in which the European aid is conditional on the start-up of the specific business project, Bankinter offers the advance payment of the subsidy as a solution, which can cover up to 100% of the aid obtained by the companies. The bank already offered this possibility.

Added to all this are the Next Generation EU Guarantees, which allow faster processing of projects. Companies have both national and international guarantees available, this being a requirement for them to receive the disbursement of the aid granted. In this sense, those companies that already have an open guarantee line at the bank can carry out the process in a more agile way and completely online.

Information on these products can be found in the
specific section for European funds on the Bankinter website.

Advisory service

From the outset, Bankinter promotes support for Spanish companies so that they can benefit from European aid, which will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of the Spanish economy.

The bank's commitment to the Next Generation EU program materialized almost a year ago with the launch of an advisory and support service for companies designed for said program.

If in January the number of companies that benefited from this service reached 1,076 now, three months later, that figure has grown by 67%, since there are now 1,800 companies that make use of this specific service.

For the advisory service, the bank signed an agreement with the FI Group, a consultancy specializing in the management of European funds and the first in terms of volume (36.3%) and acceptance (97.2%) of motivated reports for tax deductions for R+D+i, according to data from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Likewise, one in ten operations financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) in 2020 was managed by FI Group, which also has a 90% success rate in managing aid requested by the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE). FI Group has 38 international offices and 1,500 employees.

This Bankinter service is free for client companies until they receive the aid and facilitates the necessary procedures as well as providing support in the structuring and drafting of projects, technical assistance and presentation of applications at the corresponding public windows. Likewise, it can provide them with an audit aimed at verifying and economic justification of the financing obtained, among other advantages.

34 agreements with business associations

It should also be noted that Bankinter has already signed a total of 34 agreements with business associations from all kinds of sectors to make available to its associates both access to its comprehensive advisory service on European funds, as well as its financial support, through this Netx Gen EU solutions battery.

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