June 13, 2021

Bankinter earns more than 526 million, its historic maximum

Bankinter earns more than 526 million, its historic maximum


Bankinter closes another year with all its business magnitudes on the rise and again reaching a record profit. The entity headed by María Dolores Dancausa won in 2018 a total of 526.4 million euros, 6.3% more than in the previous year and its historic maximum, as its recurring revenues grew.

The entity billed last year for the activity of credit intermediation a total of 1,094 million euros, which represents an increase of 5.8%, and its fee income grew 6.2% to 450 million. Thus, the group's total revenues amounted to 6.4% to 1.95 billion.

The main line of business of Bankinter, lto companies, which accounts for 30% of their results, last year contributed 155 million gross margin, 11% more, especially by activity of SMEs. In private banking, the group increased the assets under management by 2%, to 35,600 million, and another 2%, to 21,600 million, in the personal banking segment. The insurer Direct line, which contributes 22% of the result, invoiced 853.1 million, 7% more.

The bank's new business lines are also evolving positively. The consumer credit, Bankinter Consumir Finance, reached a credit portfolio of 2,000 million, 34% more. For its part, the bank's subsidiary in Portugal grew 17% in resources and 12% in loans, which allowed it to improve its total income by 14% and contribute 60 million before taxes.

Bankinter has highlighted that at the close of 2018 its ratio of profitability over own resources is 13.2%, comfortably above the cost of capital (10%) and the highest level of Spanish listed banks.


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