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The means of payment technologies are advancing at full speed. It is becoming easier and faster to pay. The supports are increasingly intangible, but after the vast majority of forms of payment there is still a card of a lifetime. They do not depend on having a charged battery or Internet connection and, in their decades of existence, have consolidated their security.

The wallets of the mobile, the contactlesseven biometric systems, which identify the user on one part of the body (his fingerprint or even his eyes), are more and more widespread. There is, however, a place for everyone, but the consistency of a plastic card is beyond doubt.

Of course, carry many cards in the portfolio is cumbersome and all initiatives that help simplify it are welcome. Technology is also helping in this regard. Bankinter, with a recognized tradition of innovation in the sector, will be the first Spanish bank to launch the Combo Mastercard with the most complete offer. It is a plastic that contains two cards in one: one on each face, with different functionalities and without increasing the quota.

This new system offers both clients and new clients of the entity the possibility of carrying all the available payment options in their pocket or mobile, as in any card: either physically in the plastic, or virtually in the wallets (the apps to pay by mobile phone).

The card has an innovative design. Plasma in the plastic itself the two cards with a numbering on the front (combo 1) and one on the back (combo 2), one for each payment method. The client chooses at all times what type of payment to use.

It also has the advantage that it is adapted to all payment channels. It allows you to pay the invoice in shops, restaurants or any establishment through the point of sale terminal (POS), via contactless, as well as through wallet of Bankinter and Apple Pay, or in any Internet purchase (by entering the number of the first card ... or the good of the second, which is on the back).

It also offers the possibility of withdrawing money from the debit or credit ATM with both sides, and it is not necessary to remember a new PIN: it is the same for side A of the card as for side B.

Flexibility in payments and self-employed

The first modality that the bank will launch will be the Combo Mastercard card associated with your Payroll Account, which will include a credit card with "end of month" payment for the day-to-day expenses of the client and another for extraordinary or larger payments that the client wants to pay comfortably in a deferred manner. This card will also be free for customers who pay their salary at the bank.

Carrying many cards in the wallet is cumbersome and all initiatives that help simplify it are welcome.
Carrying many cards in the wallet is cumbersome and all initiatives that help simplify it are welcome.

The entity plans to launch two other modalities. The first will be one specifically designed for the self-employed in order to facilitate the management of their professional and personal expenses separately on the same card. And finally, it will launch a Combo Mastercard card designed for customers who want to pay either debit, or three months without interest.

With this new offer, Bankinter seeks to provide the greatest flexibility and convenience in the payment as well as the best customer experience for holders of the card that has just been created in an environment in which card payments are the most demanded option. that outweigh the purchases in cash.


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