Bankinter advances that it will look for legal "loopholes" so as not to have to pay the banking tax

María Dolores Dancausa, CEO of Bankinter, has advanced this Thursday that she will look for legal "loopholes" so as not to have to pay the banking tax announced by the Government. The person in charge of the sixth entity in the country defends that it is an "unfair" tribute and that "the idea of ​​the intrinsic evil of banking is gaining strength." The bank presented its results for the first half of the year this Thursday with a growth in profit of 11% compared to the same period in 2021, reaching 271 million.

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"It's not about fighting a battle or pitching in," Dancausa assured about the new tax. "It's about understanding how it's going to be done and how it affects us," he stressed. “It seems absolutely unfair to us, we will assess all the options before having to assume it. If we have loopholes not to do it because the Law assists us, we will fight it ”, he has emphasized.

“So much has been written and debated that I can add little. Such nonsense is heard that it is one more time to be silent until sanity settles in”, Dancausa pointed out about the political debate around this tax. "Attacking the bank sells but I have not found any solid argument to place this sanbenito", she has assured. Dancausa has argued that this decision will cause investors "to turn their backs on our country."

"I would ask those who make these decisions to be very cautious, there is no economic justification for a sector that does not generate negative externalities," he assured, defending that banks already pay a lot of taxes. "It worries me because it sells a lot to give what they deserve to the rich, the banks and the energy companies", he emphasized during the presentation of results with the press, which has revolved around the creation of a new tax on financial entities. “What has the sector done wrong?” he asked himself.

The bankers are meeting this Friday with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in a meeting organized for weeks but that will revolve fundamentally around this issue that is the focus of current affairs in the sector. “We hope that there is a specification of what this measure is going to consent to,” he assured. “Our position is always one of dialogue, but we are going to be firm in defending our interests”, he has emphasized, although without specifying who will go on behalf of the bank. “In the end, the bank is always in focus”, he has settled.

From the first hour of the day, the bank has shown its rejection of this tax. In an audio sent to the press after the publication of the results in the CNMV, Dancausa has advanced the criticisms that he has subsequently reflected in the meeting with the press. “This tax has characteristics that make it inappropriate and asymmetric”, he pointed out. "We trust in a reflection on a tax that is clearly collection", he has pointed out.

Dancausa has pointed out that it would be "a big mistake" to "feel ashamed" of these results obtained by the bank. Bankinter has reported this Thursday that between January and June of this year it earned 271 million euros, 11% more, excluding the extraordinary capital gain that the bank recorded for the IPO of Línea Directa in 2021. In addition, it has increased a 5% their income, until exceeding 960 million.

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