May 13, 2021

Bankia reorganizes its structure and raises from eight to twelve the members of its Steering Committee

Bankia reorganizes its structure and raises from eight to twelve the members of its Steering Committee


Bankia has reorganized its structure to support its transformation and that of its businesses and has raised the number of members of its Management Committee from eight to twelve, as it has informed this Friday to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Specific, Four new adjoint general directorates have been created: Financial, Credit Risks, People and Culture, and Strategy and Digital Transformation, and its directors become part of the Management Committee.

The president, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, explained that this reorganization is the beginning of a new cycle of Bankia, a cycle for which the bank has «With an organization more focused on the client, more agile and with greater levels of autonomy and ambition in their teams ».

Goirigolzarri added that "with these changes, we are looking for an organization that is more focused on network support and, therefore, in the clients; that prepares us to face the future; that is more meritocratic, and that serves as a revulsive for the bank in the short and medium term ». Thus, in this transformation, Bankia has integrated the Financial and Intervention directions, which will be united in the new Financial Management, headed by Leopoldo Alvear.

More responsibility

The Management of Participated and Associated Businesses extends its scope of responsibility with the incorporation of the business of asset management and private banking, and is now known as the Management of Assets and Investees. Its director will be Fernando Sobrini, until now at the head of the Banking of Individuals management, which passes into the hands of Eugenio Solla.

In front of the Credit Risk Management Manuel Galarza continues, who also joins the Management Committee, while the Risk Management is headed by Sergio Durá.

The new organization chart also will have a Digital Strategy and Transformation address, launched last October with Carlos Torres at the helm, who seeks to advance not only in the digital evolution but also in the ways of working. Finally, the direction of People is transformed into the direction of People and Culture and happens to be directed by David López.


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