August 7, 2020

Bank delinquency falls below 6% for the first time since 2011


The delinquency of credit granted to families and companies by financial institutions operating in Spain has closed 2018 for the first time below 6%, specifically, at 5.82%, according to the provisional data published this Friday by the Bank of Spain.

The defaults have continued to improve month by month, from 6.01% in November and 6.08% in October, although in year-on-year terms they have been reduced by almost two percentage points from 7.79% in December 2017.

This new cut in the delinquency rate has occurred after the unpaid credits have decreased up to 70.156 million euros from the 73.507 million of the previous month.

Also, the total volume of loans that financial institutions had granted to their clients has been reduced in December, up to 1,205 billion euros, from the 1,224 billion of the previous month.


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