May 14, 2021

Bangladesh says it will not repatriate the Rohinyas "by force"

Bangladesh says it will not repatriate the Rohinyas "by force"

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, A.H. Mahmood Ali reiterated that his country is not going to send any Rohinyá back to Burma (Myanmar) "by force", after the beginning of the repatriation process failed today due to lack of volunteers.

"Bangladesh gave them refuge, why was Bangladesh going to send them by force?" The head of Bangladeshi diplomacy asked at a press conference in Dhaka, broadcast live on television.

He added that they will send Burmese leaders to Burma to see with their own eyes the situation on the ground and detailed that they will travel accompanied by Bangladeshi officials and representatives of the UN agencies, although he did not specify when the visit will take place.

The Bangladeshi authorities toured the refugee camps in the south-east of the country today in search of volunteers to return, but instead of people willing to go to Burma they ran into thousands of protesters.

Dhaka and Naipyido agreed to repatriate as of today the first 2,251 of the more than 700,000 Rohingans who arrived in Bangladesh last year fleeing the violence, a process that comes a year late and that was scheduled to last for about two weeks, with the transfer of about 150 people a day.


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