May 17, 2021

Bangladesh continues its attempts to repatriate the first Rohingya to Burma

Bangladesh continues its attempts to repatriate the first Rohingya to Burma

The Bangladeshi authorities are continuing their attempts to repatriate the first Rohingya refugees to Burma (Myanmar), after the day ended without any transfer due to lack of volunteers.

"The process has not been suspended, if someone comes to us and wants us to repatriate him, we will take the person to the border and we will send him back," said the Bangladeshi commissioner for Refugees Assistance, Abul Kalam, in charge of Efe. of repatriation.

A delegation toured several points of the refugee camps in the west of the country yesterday, but did not find any volunteer for the repatriation among the more than 700,000 members of this Muslim minority who arrived in the country since August of 2017 the crisis broke out in the Burmese state of Rakáin.

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, asked the Bangladeshi Executive on Monday to suspend the repatriation, considering that the transfers would go against international laws and put at risk the lives and freedoms of the refugees of this Muslim minority.

The exodus of the Rohingya began last year, when a rebel group of this minority community launched a series of attacks on government posts in the Rakáin region of western Burma, which caused a disproportionate response from the Burmese army against this group .

A UN report presented last September described the Burmese military operation in Rakáin as "genocide", in addition to finding evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity.


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