Banderas vindicates in the Holy Week of Malaga the return to its origins

The actor Antonio Banderas, who faithful to the tradition has attended one more year to his appointment in the Holy Week of Malaga with Mary Most Holy of Tears and Favors, of the Framed Brotherhoods, has claimed as "essential" to return to its origins.

Banderas has arrived this Palm Sunday to the church of San Juan one hour before the scheduled time for the beginning of the procession and has said that for him it is necessary to return to his roots, since he is "tumbling around the world continuously" .

He assured journalists that although the years pass, the feelings are the same, because "it's my neighborhood, the neighborhood where I grew up" and the church where his parents were married and where he was baptized.

A neighborhood in which, he recalled, played with his friends in the 60s, when he was a child, and "now most of the men of throne are the children of those people with whom I grew up."

Close and affable, he has allowed himself to take pictures with all the people who asked for it and has taken the opportunity to evaluate the new route of Holy Week in Malaga, with which he has been very excited.

The actor has dressed in the dependencies of the brotherhood and has assured that he likes to enjoy the Holy Week in "little streets".

Banderas has been accompanied by his partner, the Dutch Nicole Kimpel, his brother Francisco Javier and numerous colleagues of his new project, the Teatro del Soho Caixabank.


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