July 25, 2021

Banco Santander reduces its stake in Abengoa

Banco Santander reduces its stake in Abengoa

Banco Santander has reduced its shareholding in Abengoa, which has gone from 4.975% to 3.449%, although it remains the largest shareholder above the Secretary of State for Trade, which has 3.152%, according to the Commission's records National Stock Market (CNMV). Santander reached a 9.694% stake in Abengoa following the restructuring of the company's debt, which was completed in March 2017, when the new shares from the capital increase and the warrants (purchase rights for securities) began to be quoted. ) issued to compensate creditors, mostly banks.

The banking entity later reduced its participation to 2.414%, but the purchase by Santander del Popular, which it never sold anything of its participation in Abengoa, as did Sabadell, Bankia and Crédit Agricole, they led him back to being the bank's first shareholder, with up to 6.898% in June 2017.

Later, in November 2017, it already reduced its participation to 4.975%, which is now reduced to 3.449% of Abengoa's capital, in which it participates indirectly through Banco Popular, with 3.928%, and Banco Santander Brasil, with 0.077%.

As the second shareholder of Abengoa, the Secretary of State for Trade, which reported a 3.152% stake in Abengoa, was created last March. The agency under the Ministry of Economy has, through two funds, 5.687 million shares of Abengoa.


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