Banco Santander Foundation announces the III edition of the Santander Social Tech Program




Santander Social Tech is a program of the Banco Santander Foundation aimed at support the digitization of the third sector at a time of social and technological transformation that the Covid pandemic has accelerated. Specifically, from the entity, they have pointed out that what is sought is that social entities take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation to improve the impact and efficiency of your actions. 250 NGOs and more than 100 projects have been supported by Santander Social Tech since its inception in 2019.

The director of Fundación Banco Santander, Borja Baselga, has stated that «Santander Social Tech was born from our frequent contacts with the third sector. We realized, with some anticipation of the pandemic, that NGOs needed to advance their digital capabilities. And we got down to work ». In this sense, he pointed out that the first thing they did was offer courses to their managers, "which Covid forced us to turn into online training." Later, personalized consultancies were organized and, finally, with direct help to improve. and, from the Fu «NGOs have to walk this path of digitizationndación Banco Santander, we want to help make it easier for them, ”Baselga confirmed.

Fundación Banco Santander now launches the third edition of the Santander Social Tech Program, which aims to promote the digital transformation of the Third Sector of Social Action, and especially in those entities with a low or medium degree of digital maturity. To carry it out, the program has three phases:

Santander Social Tech workshops: We offer participating NGOs an online training with the aim of acquiring digital skills and competencies to improve their communication, fund training and internal management.

Santander Social Tech Advisory: After completing the training, interested organizations will receive a personalized online advice service for two months to experience real progress in their digitization.

Santander Social Tech Grants: NGOs participating in the Santander Social Tech Workshops (phase 1) will be able to apply for financial aid of up to 5,000 euros to boost their digitization.

Fundación Banco Santander will hold two calls: the first aimed at social organizations who want to participate in the first two phases of the program; and the second, for those entities that once the training is finished want to apply for financial aid to implement what they have learned.

250,000 euros

In this third edition 2021, 180 NGOs will be able to participate in the training and consultancies, and 250,000 euros will be awarded in aid for digitization. ANDThe application period will be open until March 23. Maria del Palacio del Rey, head of the Lukas Foundation, has underlined the importance for them to participate in the three phases of the program: «Training and advice by leading professionals and their great experience has given me a new vision of the current importance that has the digital transformation of any entity, (…) Something that will undoubtedly benefit people with severe disabilities and their families »-

For her part, Pilar Fuste, communication manager for Aspronaga, an entity whose purpose is to support people with intellectual disabilities, explained that “digital transformation has been one of our objectives for years. But, it is now, with the current pandemic situation, when it becomes a basic necessity. Thus, thanks, both to the training, as well as to the advice and financial aid, we have achieved that people with intellectual disabilities and their families, thanks to digitization, are not excluded from their environment, maintain your social relationships and develop your physical and cognitive abilities.

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