July 24, 2021

Baltar and Juncker analyze measures for greater provincial competitiveness

Baltar and Juncker analyze measures for greater provincial competitiveness

The president of the European Association of Provincial Governments "Partenalia" and president of the Diputación de Ourense, Manuel Baltar, and the president of the European Commission (CE), Jean-Claude Juncker, have analyzed ways today to "boost greater competitiveness" provincial.

Among these routes, both have highlighted the policies against rural depopulation and direct financing for provincial territories.

In his speech on the opening day of the European Week of Regions and Cities, which is being held in Brussels, Baltar has advocated the need to promote measures to achieve "global results for the benefit of all EU citizens regardless of where they live. "

He has also highlighted "the importance of provincial governments as the only administrative level with capacity and vision to strengthen the link between urban and rural areas."

In this context, he assured that the European Week of Regions and Cities is an "excellent opportunity" for intermediate local governments to activate "the loudspeaker of just demands", but also "forceful and unequivocal" in defense of a reality , the rural one, which has millions of protagonists in the European Union.

"We all fit into the same playing field: that of territorial solidarity," said Baltar, who thanked Juncker's "excellent willingness" to support local and provincial territories.

In this regard, the president of the Ourense deputation has stressed the importance of allocating "investments and measures aimed at combating rural depopulation" such as employment plans, Youth and services and road infrastructure in rural areas.

Within this work, it has considered tourism as a "key" sector for "the promotion of rural competitiveness", through projects that boost the tourist resources of territories in which the value of the natural and sustainability prevails.

To endorse this importance, Baltar has highlighted the initiative that will develop the deputation of Ourense, with an investment of three million euros, for the implementation of the project "There is an Ourense for you. Find out", as well as network of Destinations Intelligent Tourism from lRed.es that will offer the tourist technological services.

The European Week of Regions and Cities, which brings together some six thousand participants in Brussels, has the policy of "economic cornerstone" and focuses the debate on the field of cooperation between regions, cities and municipalities and the rest of interlocutors of the public and private sphere.


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