Baleares gives a million euros to 750 affected by flood for basic appliances

Baleares gives a million euros to 750 affected by flood for basic appliances

The Balearic Government has begun to pay today 1,066,000 euros in aid to replace the basic equipment in 311 homes damaged by the flood of the Levante de Mallorca in which 750 people reside, many of them elderly, minors, disabled and dependent.

With this public contribution will be able to acquire basic household appliances, beds, chairs, tables, sofas, household linen, doors, windows and paint, among other goods of first necessity, stressed today the Minister of Social Services, Fina Santiago.

Santiago has highlighted the agility with which they have begun to pay for aids approved on October 10, the day after the catastrophe, and amounting to an average of 3,427 euros per house flooded.

The councilor explained that 34 professionals have visited some 600 houses to determine how many of their owners were likely to benefit from aids aimed at regular homes and that provide a maximum of 5,500 euros for total loss of equipment and 4,000 euros for partial damages. Many of the damaged homes that have not been included in this urgent aid line are vacation homes.

Of those that have received the contribution of the regional administration, 149 (48%) have suffered a generalized loss of domestic goods and the remaining 162, partial damages.

During this week a social worker will continue in the comarca of the torrenteda in case there is still a house to be evaluated and the program will remain in force until November 15.

Of those affected who are going to receive this aid, 110 are older than 75 and 42 of them live alone, 161 are minors and 23 are disabled or dependent.

Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, with 244 damaged homes (124 completely), is the town where these emergency contributions will be concentrated.

In Son Carrió, which also belongs to the municipality of Sant Llorenç, there are 24 beneficiary dwellings; in the Colònia de Sant Pere (Artà) they amount to 28; in Canyamel (Capdepera), 13; and in S'Illot (Manacor), 3.

Santiago has detailed that these aids are compatible with others, such as those referring to structural damage to homes or the loss of vehicles, approved last week by the Government in an extraordinary meeting.

The beneficiaries commit to allocate the subsidy to the acquisition of the basic household necessities necessary to normalize their life.


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