Bale, without injury, returns to training on Thursday

Bale, without injury, returns to training on Thursday

Madrid takes special care with Gareth Bale who knows what to watch out for and the players too, after the injuries, he has learned to understand his body and to stop when he thinks he is close to the limit. That happened in last Saturday's match against Atlético de Madrid. The forward did not come out in the second half because he was beginning to feel discomfort in the right adductor and he thought it could get worse. Until then, had been the best of Real Madrid, which gave more problems to the defense of Atlético. Today it has been known that he is not injured and that the precaution in the change has been fundamental for the footballer not to break.

The Welshman did not travel to Moscow as a precaution and will rest in the second Champions League match against CSKA, but the plans of the Real Madrid technical team is that he is ready to train on Thursday and can already play Saturday's match in Vitoria. It is a relief for Lopetegui that he was watching how his most decisive men have been falling by injury in recent days. To the appendicitis of Isco it was necessary to unite the injury of Marcelo and it was thought that Bale's fall. It was assumed that everyone was going to arrive in a hurry to meet at the end of October at the Camp Nou. It is expected that Isco and Marcelo arrive, fair, but arrive. And Bale is going to be.

Injuries are one of the main problems of the white striker. With fabulous qualities, speed and finish, the lack of continuity has weighed heavily in the game of Bale, who during almost all seasons has had to stop to recover from some ailment. Now he has a great run of matches, thanks to the fact that he has changed his way of training and that he has understood his body. His substitution against Atlético made some ghosts come back, but the tests they have done today have scared them away.

Bale seems more necessary than ever for Lopetegui because the white team is struggling to reach the area easily. With many men from the midfield and with Benzema approaching them, it sometimes gives the impression that players are missing. The center to the area that was the main resource of the Zidane team when things went wrong, is hardly used this year because there are no specialists in that auction. Bale is the best head and may be the player with the most goal of the template, ahead of Karim. Madrid has not scored against Sevilla or against Atlético, but it was the Welshman who was closest to making so many in both games. In Moscow, Lopetegui can try Mariano or advance the position of Asensio a bit and bring four midfielders together, but for Vitoria, Bale will probably return to the starting lineup. Without injury and hungry for goal after several matches without so many centimeters, it is a danger for the whole of Abelardo.


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