Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Bale, sentenced at Real Madrid

Bale, sentenced at Real Madrid

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It is not being a pleasant end of season for anyone in Madrid. There are very few things to motivate yourself. Zidane has already recognized that one of the difficulties he faces during this stretch of the course is that lack of objectives, the impossibility of winning anything in a team that had become accustomed to being crowned in Europe. But who else is suffering from all the players is Bale.

It is not that nothing comes out, it is that the Santiago Bernabéu does not forgive him the least and knows that his future is finite. He is not going to have more opportunities in Madrid.

Other small mistakes of other players happen without being news, but when Bale is the one who hits badly a fault or fails in a control or in a pass, there is no mercy with him. It is the footballer who is first whistled when the stands gets angry with the rest of the team.

The public demands more commitment, but Bale has always been like that and will not change now. His attitude in Real Madrid has always been the same, with key and decisive moments in important matches and with phases in the season in which he contributed nothing, either because of his way of playing or because he was injured.

However, this campaign is going to close without titles in Real Madrid and that weighs in the mood. Bale asked for step and responsibility when he won the Kiev final and Ronaldo's exit gave him an opportunity to enforce his words. He has not been able to fulfill them.


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