Bale, Marcelo, Asensio, Kroos … do they have a place in Zidane's Madrid?

Bale, Marcelo, Asensio, Kroos ... do they have a place in Zidane's Madrid?

Zidane could not find the words in the Mestalla press room. Surely many things went through his head, but most preferred not to say them or, rather, it was not the time to make them public. "It's been a difficult season and the time is bad, we have to take it on," he said, as if the eight remaining games were only an impediment to prepare for next season. He has anticipated his return to help his soul team, and until it is over, he can not lift the cards and, surely, tell some that his time in Chamartín is over.

"I have nothing to reproach my players," he insisted after the first defeat of his return. Maybe he is tempted to do it, but not now or in front of the cameras. "I will always be with my players, who will fight to the end," he said as if trying to convince himself. He sees the matches just like the fans and surely he does not like much of what happens before his eyes.

Kroos, Marcelo, Asensio, Bale … are names that resonate in the head of Real Madrid and also Zidane. The performance of them squeaks if what they want is to continue wearing white. The German returned to be slow and transparent in the center of the field, while Asensio does not get that feeling of lack of confidence that haunts him long ago. He does not smile, nor does he blow the ball with his kick like in other times.

Marcelo seeks the lost samba and will have minutes for it, because Zidane is going to give them to him. Another thing is that his days at the Bernabéu are already more than counted and few. Bale is one of the lost cases and in the club they are aware that they will have to make money with him. In Mestalla was substitute and his entry did not involve any alteration in the team. It's off, cold …

The decision is Zidane and for the moment he prefers to take into account that the boys come from a complicated, strange season, in which they have run out of goals and are lost. The training will serve to detect who is recoverable and those who must leave in the summer and have no place in that other Madrid that Zizou imagines and that the Real Madrid longs for.

The problem, for all, is that there is much left until the end, an eternity, and the clock of the games passes slowly, like the game of Madrid.


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