July 29, 2021

«Bale has to eat the stage every time he plays»

«Bale has to eat the stage every time he plays»

Solari will arrive in Vigo to that border that some thought it would not cross. It is the last commitment of Real Madrid before the stoppage of selections and the last of the four games in which, sure, the coach was going to be in charge. The good results and the approval of the clothes will allow him to continue for a longer time, although he continues to think only of the next step. "Thinking in the longer term is beyond my role," he confirms.

The coach congratulates the good response of the guys who have had to play these last weeks. "The minutes of Odriozola and Reguilón have been very good and their youth has not been noticed. We know what the Bernabéu means. They have not noticed the weight of the shirt, they have taken it well and that is a joy. The more competition there is always better for everyone, "he said.

A Bale asks only one thing: "That he eat the stage every time he plays, as he did against Viktoria Plzen". The Welshman scored again after a long time of drought and Solari tries to recover him completely for the cause. "I liked him everywhere, he has conditions to play on the left, up, center forward, midfielder and left-back, which is where he started."

Isco is another of those who did not finish lately to find his best form. He did not play in Cup and before Viktoria he did not have minutes, something that does not mean that Solari does not have it in his plans. "He is training to get one hundred percent. This is a football team and we know what it is about. You have to train as well as possible to be available when you touch. There are 24 players and only 11. All professionals have it very clear. And he has taken it professionally. "

As for the affection or not that his players are showing him, for the Argentine the most important thing is the "commitment and seriousness that they put to each one of the matches. I have seen seriousness, commitment, order, hunger and desire to score. We will try to repeat it always. "

"Ramos is brave and honest"

Solari defended his soccer player from criticism. "Our captain is honest and brave. All of us who play football know that it is a contact sport. They are actions that are part of the game. No one's nose is more fractured than him. At least three times. It knows well what it is. There is no bad intention, this is a contact sport ".

De Keylor, substitute from now on, once again highlighted his personality and professionalism. "He is a gentleman, and he is also a strong man, of faith, who has behaved perfectly and is very loved in the dressing room. It is a group of 24 and they all know well how to do their job.


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