April 18, 2021

Bale breaks the distribution belt of Madrid against Ajax | sports

Bale breaks the distribution belt of Madrid against Ajax | sports

It is false that the Germanic peoples are cold. No more to see how they sing a capela Bloed, Zweet in Tranen the fans of the Cruyff Arena. The ripped voice of André Hazes performing his defeat anthem is multiplied by 55,000 in the pitiful throats of fans who seem to cry out for the impossible return of the golden seventies. Last night against Madrid, at least, the young team that represents them put blood, sweat and tears, as the song says, to overcome Judge Damir Skomina and the goal that annulled them via VAR. "UEFA is a mafia!" Shouted the irate fans.

Santiago Solari, in his own way, also suffered to take the match forward. The Madrid coach gave his second-to-last bulwark in the defense of Lucas Vázquez in Amsterdam. The coach had not been so blunt with any other footballer. For weeks he argued before the club's employees that the Galician interior offered him solutions that nobody else could provide. His status as a link between Modric and Carvajal operated as a distribution belt in the machinery that moved the team. Lucas was vital to ensure the deployment of Carvajal and the continuity of Modric in sustaining what had given Madrid consistency during his recovery in January: dynamism, support, generosity and reactivity to interpret the game. But Vinicius is the great popular demand of the moment and Gareth Bale pushed endorsed since Florentino Perez invested him as Cristiano's successor. They had been warning him from the presidential setting: it was important that Solari put Bale in the window.

Sergio Ramos forces the card

Madrid already won 1-2, a great result for the return, and Sergio Ramos saw the yellow card in the 89th minute for a foul in midfield. The warning will prevent Ramos from being at the Bernabéu in three weeks, and he will have to complete the card cycle. Asked if he had forced the yellow, the player acknowledged that he did: "I would lie if I said no. Sometimes you have to make decisions, "said the captain, who with this statement risks having UEFA punish him with two games for forcing the reprimand. In 2010 the own Ramos and Xabi Alonso were sanctioned with more parties to force the yellow one by order of Mourinho, also in Amsterdam.

Weighed reasons of economic weight. Welsh is one of the most important assets of Madrid, they said at the Bernabéu. The directors repeat for days that it is necessary to prevent the bench devalue with a view to sell next summer. In Valdebebas voices were heard that recommended aligning him. If possible, in a great night. Solari ended up giving him the title in Champions. He took Lucas's place. And Madrid suffered. The game stopped flowing. With the aggravating circumstance that the jam occurred before an Ajax in identity crisis. The main players of the Dutch team lack in February the motivations that animated them in the autumn: De Ligt and De Jong have been placed on the market. They have secured their future away from Holland.

Solari, "happy with everyone"

Taking advantage of the fact that the adversary was weakening and the stage dazzled, Solari complied with the requirements of the sports policy. Lucas also did his part and bowed his head obediently. The one who did not comply was Bale. Not because of complacency, but because it is not in his nature as auctioneer to act as a gear for the collective game, a task that imposed his placement on the right wing. Neither understands nor feels that it charges for it. Man sees himself as the definitor. The Chilean one in Kiev and the lace in Lisbon. At 30 years old, and with 15 million salary, a net salary that only goes to the definitors, is not to be transformed. Much less to become Lucas Vázquez.

The experiment was so uninspiring that Solari sent Luke to warm up after the break. The Galician was hoping to enter in substitution of Bale when Vinicius overflowed to the left and Benzema ended the play on the right to give Madrid the suffered advantage (0-1). Bale looked at him in the front line, waiting for a ball that Vinicius did not give him. The Brazilian gave it to Benzema for reasons of complicity. Not for nothing the English voice association He heads the nineteenth-century rule that founded football.

Asked about Bale's performance, the Madrid coach dodged the particular response with a general response. "I'm happy with everyone's performance," he said. "I do not agree that we have been below the Ajax game. We had to do a lot of things well to get three points. We had to work, know how to suffer, know how to get out of the pressure, resolve the occasions with forcefulness … All these things we did well. "

"This is the Champions League", the coach emphasized, "and in the second round there is no single match or team that is not very good. Ajax has played with a lot of energy, forcing the regulation limit to steal the ball. It has forced us to work very well. "

If Solari was sure, his counterpart, Erik ten Hag, showed his perplexity because he did not understand why the referee canceled him the 1-0 of Tagliafico. "The referees have given us different explanations," he said; "It was out of the game and a player of ours hindered Courtois … I have reviewed it in the video and the situation of offside is quite difficult to see. And I do not see anybody missing the goalkeeper. "

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