Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Bald alert from the extreme right if PSOE does not govern because Vox drags PP and Cs to "inconceivable" positions

In declarations prior to the electoral act that took place this Thursday in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), Calvo has lamented that Vox has managed to drag PP and Citizens in this campaign to positions that they never thought could reach a party that He has been taking responsibility for 40 years as is the PP.

The vice president has thus referred to the approval in the Madrid Assembly of the Vox proposal to request the banning of separatist parties without the intervention of the judiciary, which has been supported by PP and Cs.

"I wish PP and Cs would have stopped Vox, but they haven't been able to do it and now we have Vox sending, as fascism of the 21st century, on two political parties that don't know how to stop it," Calvo criticized.

For the vice president, Spain is facing a "real danger of involution of democracy in Spain", and against that, she pointed out, there is only the possibility of socialist victory. In this regard, he added that it is not just about winning, "it is about being able to govern" and, for this, he stressed, we must reflect on the usefulness of the vote of United We Can.

Calvo has indicated that said vote will not serve to govern the PSOE, so there are two options, he insisted, "or the extreme right that Vox has dragged towards radicalism" or governs the PSOE. Given this, he has maintained that they need to extend the victory over the April elections and take over the country, since, not a minute can be lost.

"We have wasted a lot of time because others have literally blocked the victory," he said. "Only women and men, freely with their vote, can put us back in not losing a minute to face problems."

He has also questioned those who, like the PP candidate, Pablo Casado, have hypothetically driven an economic crisis to reach Moncloa "on the back of a crisis that fortunately does not exist," he said.

In this sense, Calvo has argued that if complicated moments come, the PSOE will make solidarity policies so that the economic crisis that the PP deepened "with inequality, cuts and the weakening of the welfare state" does not happen again.

"We are playing the future and that Spanish democracy is in the only possible direction, which is to overcome, resolve and shorten equal distances with solidarity for those who have problems," he said.


To questions from journalists about the report that links the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Quim Torra, with the CoR, Carmen Calvo has said that Torra has disrespected the rest of the Catalan citizens to whom he has to govern looking at the interest General of Catalonia and also respecting other political options.

The vice president has reminded Torra again that there will be "nothing to talk about" until the violence stops, as the president of the acting government, Pedro Sánchez, has already said. "With violence there is no politics and independentism has to know, peace is the only way to find us," he repeated.

"We cannot speak with those who do not report violence, with whom they do not ensure that there is no organized violence even if it is a minority in Catalonia," and he recalled that Spain has suffered greatly from organized violence and that "cannot happen again."

Therefore, he has pledged to investigate until he finds where the connections of who has caused this violence are and, he has warned, that in democracy "whoever transgresses the law, has to answer to justice."

Along the same lines, he has defended that both the independentists in Catalonia and the extreme right in the rest of Spain are leading the country to situations that he believed were "outdated." "This is what is going to play at the polls on Sunday," he said.

On the words of Pedro Sánchez acknowledging that he was not right in his statements about the Prosecutor's Office, Calvo has maintained that Sánchez has recognized him "with total naturalness and with a lot of personal and political frankness." It has been referred to Sánchez's words that perhaps he did not say it with the right words, and that, in the opinion of the vice president, is a "closed chapter."

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