June 18, 2021

Bal (Citizens) sees “immoral” that the Government agrees with Bildu and accuses him of “playing with the future of employment”

“Making a pact with Bildu, who does not condemn ETA’s criminal history, is an immorality whatever the content. But also this show by the Government damages the image of Spain and generates immense uncertainty for citizens. You cannot play with the future of employment, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

The tone of this message from Bal is much more critical and forceful than the statements he made during this Thursday on radio and television, in which he said that this is not the first time that the PSOE has agreed with Bildu and that he has already done so, for example, to be able to govern Navarre.

In interviews, Bal stated that the agreement is “very negative” and that Cs is not in favor of repealing the current labor framework to return to the law of the previous socialist government.

But he pointed out that this decision is part of the legislature pact “for the support of the Frankenstein Government”, which already appeared in the government agreement between the PSOE and Podemos and which is unrelated to the pact that the orange party reached with Pedro’s Executive Sánchez to support the fifth extension of the state of alarm in Congress. In addition, he bet on continuing to agree on measures with Sánchez in the future.


It was on Wednesday night, shortly after the approval of that extension – in which the Cs votes were key – when the socialists, the purple party and the Basque independence formation announced an agreement to repeal “entirely” the PP labor reform.

After a few hours, a statement from the PSOE where the word “fully” no longer appeared clarified that the idea was to urgently modify only three points of the current law, and one day after the announcement, the signing parties continue to give different versions of the objective of the agreement.

Speaking to Radio Inter this Thursday afternoon, Bal has again defended the support of Ciudadanos for the fifth extension of the state of alarm decreed by the coronavirus. He reiterated that the confinement of the population is still necessary to continue reducing contagion and that, in exchange for Cs’ votes, Sánchez has assumed “very good conditions for the general interest” of the Spanish.

According to what he has stated, Ciudadanos does not go “even around the corner” with Bildu, the party that “succeeds” the political arm of the terrorist group ETA.

But he insisted that the agreement between the Government and Cs was to extend the state of alarm, with the aim of “saving lives and saving jobs,” Bal explained, avoiding saying whether or not he feels cheated by Sánchez after learning about the pact. with Bildu.


What the PSOE has demanded is that, after the contradictory versions about the repeal of the labor reform and “the conflict within the Government itself,” “rectify it clearly and forcefully.” As he has indicated, the proposal to change the labor model now, in the midst of the health and economic crisis, is “untimely” and Cs will oppose it.

It has also criticized the government parties for signing this agreement “with their backs to the social partners”, which is why the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) has suspended social dialogue with the Executive.

“Without companies there is no job, the only way to protect workers is to protect employers. If right now we are not betting decisively for employers and the self-employed, what we are going to generate tomorrow is not going to be nothing but unemployment and poverty, “he warned.


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