February 26, 2021

Bail for an exmarine accused of participating in the assault on the Embassy of North Korea in Spain

Judge Jean Rosenbluth has warned the man, Christopher Ahn, and his family and friends, who have paid bail of 1.3 million dollars (about 1.2 million euros), that they could lose money or be condemned for contempt if it escapes.

"I have spent a lot of time reading about you and I trust that you will do the right thing," said the judge, who has also ordered that Ahn carry an electronic device and remain at home at all times, except to go to the doctor and the church .

US authorities detained Ahn, 38, on April 18 in Los Angeles and since then his lawyers have requested his release.

Ahn is accused of being among a group of seven assailants from several countries who held hostage personnel hostage for hours and then fled the scene.

US investigators said the assailants, members of the North Korean dissident group calling themselves Civil Defense Cheollima (CCD), took computers and hard drives from the embassy before fleeing to the United States, where they delivered the material to the FBI.

Spanish judicial sources cited in April by the Reuters news agency detailed that the FBI delivered these materials to the National Court, without the court reviewing these objects before their return to the North Korean Embassy.


In a letter published on the network under the title 'Information on Madrid', and dated on March 26, the CCD said that the assault responded to "an urgent situation" at the Embassy, ​​to which they were invited, and stressed that in the course of this action "nobody was gagged or beaten" and that the officials were treated "with dignity" and with the necessary "care".

Also, the dissident group defended that "weapons" were not used out of respect for Spain and, in this sense, apologized to the Spanish authorities for any "inconvenience" caused by having been caught in the middle of a "difficult" situation. De la Mata's car contradicts this version.

A representative of the Foreign Ministry of North Korea at the end of March defined the assault on the Embassy as a "serious terrorist attack" and warned that Pyongyang is investigating whether the FBI and other groups are behind this assault.

However, North Korea did not directly blame Washington for this assault. On the other hand, he asked the Spanish authorities to carry out the investigation in a "responsible" manner.

For its part, the United States has disengaged from this assault and has stressed that the Donald Trump government "had nothing to do with this."

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