Bahamas works to prevent the cancellation of tourists after the hurricane

The Government of the Atlantic archipelago of the Bahamas works to stop the worrying decline in tourist reservations caused by the passage of Hurricane Dorian, because some hotels suffer falls of up to 40% in hiring.

The Minister of Tourism of the Bahamas, Dionisio D'Aguilar, said Sunday that during the general assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) held last week he dedicated all his efforts to communicate that 14 of the 16 main islands of the archipelago did not suffered any damage from the cyclone.

The official revealed that he will do the same with the media and the US travel industry. on an upcoming three-day visit in New York.

He added that his agency was "trying to establish the analogy" that a storm hitting New York or Toronto would not deter visitors from traveling to Washington or Montreal.

However, D'Aguilar acknowledged that Abaco and Grand Bahama collectively attract 1.1 million visitors to Bahamas, of which 200,000 people are in the highest spending category, with a disbursement of about $ 1,500 per visit.

He added that Abaco, in particular, was "a very important market for us" because of its status as a second residence.

"There has been a double-digit decrease in early reservations, which is normal after a storm, normal after a shock," he acknowledged.

While he was unable to provide figures for the decline in early bookings suffered by the hotel and tourism industry in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian in areas not affected by Dorian, D'Aguilar said some establishments speak of between 20 and 40% .

"What we have been saying is that there are 550 miles (880 kilometers) from the Grand Bahama in the north to Inagua in the south, to show that there are areas that suffered the consequences of the passage through the Dorian region.

In addition, he expressed optimism in the resilience of the Bahamas tourism industry.

The Government of the Bahamas on Friday raised 56 dead by Hurricane Dorian, 47 of them in the Abaco Islands and the rest in the Grand Bahama, according to the National Emergency Management Agency of the Bahamas (NEMA).

Hurricane Dorian caused $ 7 billion worth of damage to the Bahamas and some 1,300 people are missing, according to preliminary figures from the Atlantic archipelago authorities.

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