Bahamas estimates damage to health centers by Hurricane Dorian at $ 90 million

The Bahamas Health Minister, Duane Sands, said the government faces a great challenge to the $ 90 million in damages suffered by public health infrastructure due to the Dorian hurricane.

Sands, at a press conference on Saturday, said the government has limited time to decide how it will rebuild public health facilities that allow the population to return to the Abacus and Grand Bahama.

He added that the main challenge is to determine what decision to take for the Freeport Rand Memorial Hospital in the capital of Grand Bahama.

He stressed that 19 million dollars are needed to repair the hospital facilities, but that another alternative is to allocate between 30 and 40 million dollars for the construction of a new center, which would not be an easy task given the Government's financial restrictions .

As for the Abaco, he explained that most of the sanitary structures are destroyed, in addition to the damages suffered by vehicles and ambulances.

He argued that the need to repopulate the Abacus and eastern Grand Bahama could dictate the reconstruction of health facilities devastated by Dorian.

Sands said that in the small Abaco hospital it will probably be necessary to invest between 1 and 2 million dollars in repairs.

"We need to rebuild our national health system. This is a severe blow on several fronts," he said.

Sands said the government "was not reluctant" to use prefabricated modular structures as short and medium-term health care facilities.

"We are actively involved in making a decision about many of these facilities," he said.

"The challenges for health must be seen in the context of the reconstruction of educational infrastructure, electrification, restoration of drinking water and restoration of telecommunications," he said.

"People are not going to live in a shelter forever," he explained, after assuring that the longer it takes to clean and repair these communities, the less likely people will return.

The Government of the Bahamas on Friday raised 56 dead by Hurricane Dorian, 47 of them in the Abaco Islands and the rest in the Grand Bahama, according to the National Emergency Management Agency of the Bahamas (NEMA).

Hurricane Dorian caused $ 7 billion worth of damage to the Bahamas and some 1,300 people are missing, according to preliminary figures from the Atlantic archipelago authorities.

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