Bad start for the Seminci

Bad start for the Seminci

A bit of history as the beginning of these chronicles. This festival was born as Religious Cinema back in the fifties, with the assistance of priests and nuns concerned about their movie theaters in schools and parishes and due to an encyclical of Pope Pius XII. Later, it became a Religious and Human Values ​​Cinema, and shortly after, the Religioso disappeared, ending as it did more than thirty years ago with the popular name of Seminci, short for General International Film Week.

This year there are nineteen films in competition and one out of competition. There are quite a few spikes of honor, with the curious fact of having to give several a day since there are eight, as days have the festival. It begins with Matt Dillon and continues with Mohammad Rasoulof, Margarethe von Trotta, Iciar Bollain, J.A. Bayona, Eduard Fernández, Antonio Giménez-Rico and a collective one to the TVE Spanish Version program.

The opening film, which does not deserve to be called by the film name, has been "Your son", by Miguel Ángel Vivas. It is a thriller appearance with revenge, but there is no thriller and revenge is very silly. If Valladolid continues to go behind San Sebastian and Sitges, with good Spanish films selected, there is less and it would have been better to start with a real movie. José Coronado, a magnificent actor, here through close-ups watching, becomes an anguish for the spectator.


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