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The series of doctors do not go out of style. Grey's Anatomy continues at the foot of the canyon 15 seasons later and The Good Learnedr It was a success last season in the United States, which continues to extend its second installment and has moved to Spain. Within the national product, however, we have been without a series of prime time set in a health center, from the end of Central Hospital. That drought has come to an end and TVE premiered on Monday Valle Norte Hospital, with which he seemed to want to renew the genre or, at least, offer something new within the theme. However, his first chapter failed to surprise or engage.

With superimposed graphics on the screen that show the messages that the characters receive in their searches, the mobile sms, the images of the webcams, the Internet searches or the names and specialties of the doctors who are operating, the production tries to be modern when what it achieves is, in some moments, a saturation of labels that ends up bothering the viewer and, except for a few cases, it does not offer necessary information for the story.

Bad diagnosis for 'Hospital Valle Norte'

A always solvent Alexandra Jiménez stars in the plot as the newcomer boss, with ambition of renewal and changes, which lands in the surgery department of a hospital at low hours and where the opposition of another surgeon (played by José Luis García Pérez) will be found ), who had aspired to his same position. The first chapter shows a bunch of secondary characters that we did not get to know or situate at all yet. It will be necessary to give time to the story, but in the first chapter the characters are still undefined.

The series has in its first chapter many things to be filed, such as the shabby staging of the plane crash with which it starts or the topics of which the episode is full: from the engagement ring caught on the wrong woman's finger even the family drama that was hidden behind the passengers of the plane, going through the brazen unresolved sexual tension between the protagonists (with scene in a lift stopped included). Lack of pace, characters that do not attract and, according to some tweeters, failures to show the medical world and a hospital in which most of its workers are surgeons. Many things to improve in the future if Valle Norte Hospital wants to aspire to remain in the memory of the spectators.


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