June 24, 2021

Bad Bunny, Ozuna and Puerto Rican salseros mourn the death of Tito Rojas

San Juan, Dec 26 (EFE) .- Outstanding Puerto Rican artists, including Bad Bunny, Ozuna and Gilberto Santa Rosa, lamented the death of veteran salsa singer Tito Rojas, who died this Saturday at 65 due to an alleged heart attack in Humacao, municipality on the east coast of the island.

Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas dies

Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas dies

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“El Gallo, rest in peace,” wrote Bad Bunny, the greatest exponent of Latin trap, in a story on his Instagram account accompanied by a photo with Rojas, known in the artistic environment as “El gallo salsero.”

Bad Bunny also added a video of Rojas performing in a presentation “Because this love”, one of his most recognized songs in his more than 40-year career.

Ozuna, another prominent artist of the urban genre, published an extract from a presentation that Rojas gave at the end of November with the Puerto Rican interpreter Norberto Vélez for his musical project “Live Sesiones desde La Loma”.

“Enjoy life, we do not know about tomorrow. Show love in life,” said Ozuna.

Santa Rosa, another veteran salsa singer and who included Rojas on his most recent album “Colegas” on the song “Por la calle del medio”, also regretted the departure of his beloved colleague and friend on his Twitter account accompanying a photo of both In a recording studio.

“My dear Gallo, we are going to miss you and remember you in each song, in each saying and in each gesture of affection and companionship that you left. Rest in peace dear friend Tito,” said Santa Rosa, known as “The gentleman of salsa” .

Likewise, the also veteran salsa singer Ismael Miranda, known as “The pretty boy” of salsa, described the news of Rojas’ death as “difficult to believe and even more difficult to accept.”

“Our friend, Tito Rojas, went to heaven. Those of us who knew him mourned his departure. I have the satisfaction of not only knowing the artist, but also the friend. I ask God for strength for all his family, because I know that only God can fill the void left by his absence today. Tito, I will always remember you, “Miranda stressed.

Víctor Manuelle, known as “The sonero of youth”, also regretted the departure of his colleague and his witticisms, jokes and family feasts.

“Wow !!! I wake up with the news that our dear brother and colleague Tito Rojas left this world. How many occurrences, anecdotes, trips, jokes, scenarios, sharing with the family that I have in my memory”, he stressed.

“We are going to miss you and as one of your songs says’ we will see each other again in paradise where love and faith last forever ‘. My condolences to the family,” added Víctor Manuelle, including an extract from Rojas’ song, “Friend”.

To all these expressions of salseros, that of Tito Nieves, known as “El Pavarotti de la salsa”, also joined.

“I still don’t think so. I don’t have the right words to say what I feel right now, of losing a great friend, a great colleague, a great artist, a person who showed a lot, a lot of joy. The world is in mourning”, said.

“May God have him in glory”, and that Rojas’ death “be a message for all of you.”

“Those who are in curfew, hug their loved ones, look for each other, because life is short,” he added.

The merenguero Elvis Crespo, for his part, recalled in a tweet the personality of Rojas, who sometimes simulated a rooster with his body and with whom he recorded the song “My last wish.”

“Sad for the departure of our rooster. A unique artist, from his voice, his interpretations. I remember when he won a Paoli and when he went to receive it he bowed simulating a rooster. I was impressed by his safety and originality. My condolences to his family . RIP Tito Rojas, “he said.

Finally, Vélez added in his social networks a photo with Rojas during the recording and presentation of his musical project “Live Sesiones desde La Loma”.

“The Rojas family, the salseros of the world and Sesiones Desde La Loma are dressed in mourning. Today we mourn the loss of this great friend and friend of the people. See you soon titorojaselgallo. Thank you for giving me such a special show that remains in history. you would say yourself ‘A ROOSTER FOR HISTORY’ “, he highlighted.


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