March 6, 2021

Bad Bunny and Residente sing against harassment to celebrate the resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico | Culture

Puerto Rican Singers Bad bunny Y Resident, leader of Calle 13, have published this Thursday in Youtube Bellacoso, a song that serves to celebrate the resignation of the governor of Puerto RicoRicardo Rosselló. For two weeks, numerous personalities – including Ricky Martin and rapper Wisin – have participated in the protests against Rosselló after the leakage of conversations in which the governor and some of his closest collaborators made sexist and homophobic comments. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee —authors of Little, the salsero Marc Anthony or the actor Benicio del Toro have also denounced the management of Rosselló, also marked by accusations of corruption.

In addition to a way to celebrate the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló, who will officially leave office on August 2, the issue of Bad Bunny and Resident contains in his letters references against macho harassment and the video clip also includes elements of feminist claims: a girl with underarm underarms, men perreating and a group of overweight women dancing reggaeton. The new song is preceded by the one that Bad Bunny and Resident released on July 17, Sharpening the blades, which was broadcast days before the governor of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the United States, resigned.

Both in Bellacoso like in Sharpening the blades political protests and complaints against Rosselló appear for the bad management of the crisis during Hurricane Maria, which caused more than 3,000 deaths in September 2017. "According to this compadre, my mai along with all the women / They are just as fucking as their mother / You are not the son of the cane field, scum / You are the son of the most corrupt bastard in history, "René Pérez sings, Resident, in reference to Ricardo Rosselló in the first song recorded with Bad Bunny. In which both published this Thursday, you hear: "Today nobody orders us / Only this general when it sounds."

Also on social networks, Ricky Martin has published in recent weeks several videos on his Instagram account in which he denounced the corruption of the Puerto Rican Government and demanded the resignation of the already former governor of the country. In the last one, published this Friday, the singer encourages Puerto Ricans: "Because of the demonstrations in old San Juan, many families had to close their businesses. I think that this weekend they should go to old San Juan, have dinner at the Old San Juan and buy over there. "

Resident, Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin, during a demonstration following the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló.

Resident, Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin, during a demonstration following the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló. REUTERS

The protests, in which both Bad Bunny and Resident have participated actively, began when a local media outlet, the Investigative Journalism Center, reported on July 13 a Telegram chat in which the governor and 11 men from his immediate surroundings participated. In the conversation they exchanged offensive messages about women – they laughed at the mayor of San Juan – and homosexuals, as well as a mockery of the victims of Hurricane Maria. The leak was the trigger for the protests after the prosecution on July 10 accused former officials of the Rosselló Government of embezzling more than $ 15 million destined to disaster recovery.

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