September 24, 2020

back to school 2020, The Province

There are children who need help outside of school to enhance their knowledge of some subjects


With the back to school the possibility that children need school reinforcement is raised again. The tutorials they are often posed as a problem for many parents. There are children who need help to enhance their knowledge of some subjects. In these cases, it is important to coordinate this diagnosis with the minors’ tutors at school since they will be able to guide parents in the areas in which their children are weak and with which they need help.


The moment when the notes arrive at home is usually one of the most common to activate the need for the tutorials. When seeing the suspensions, many parents begin to consider this possibility. On many occasions, it is not necessary to reach suspense since a good early diagnosis can help the child to improve in that subject that has become stuck.

Correct choice of private lessons
Once the correct diagnosis of the child’s needs has been made in terms of tutorials, parents should find the right place for the child to receive this reinforcement. Parents can choose a Tutor to go home to help the child or to a specialized center, where the child will receive the private group classes. You can choose one or the other option and if any of them does not work, you can resort to the other. Each child has special needs and can adapt better or worse to certain situations.

On the other hand, it is necessary to prevent the child from seeing tutorials as a punishment. The private classes are a reinforcement to help the child to improve her learning abilities. Therefore, parents will have the task of motivating the child and presenting this reinforcement as a positive activity that will help them advance in their studies.

Lastly, do not burden the child with an overload of tutorials. The child should not be overwhelmed with tasks that he cannot cope with. After school hours, this study load must be compensated with play and leisure activities in which the child can be distracted. Physical activity is essential for the development of the child and, in addition, it can help him to concentrate better and be more efficient at the time of sitting at the books.

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