October 1, 2020

back to school 2020, The Province

Establishing a study routine and putting study techniques into practice are some of the steps to be followed by parents


Study habits are one of the fundamental aspects to implement with the back to school. It is important to adopt some study habits to avoid that the rhythm of the course becomes too hard. For this it is important to follow these five simple tips.

Choose the right place: Set a study zone at home in a fundamental question to accustom the little one to a place where they can carry out their tasks. The place should be calm, quiet, computer, with enough light and a suitable table and chair so that there is nothing to distract them.

Routine in the studio: In addition to allocating a place for the study, it is important to establish a schedule. Once we know the hours of extracurricular activities and leisure time, it would be good to set a certain time for chores. In this way, the student will know when and where to do their homework without the need to continually remind them.

Sleep and eat: Children, in addition to studying, perform numerous activities throughout the day, so it is important that they eat well and sleep at least 9 or 10 hours a day so that they can carry out their activities with the greatest possible energy.

Study techniques: For the little ones to begin to get used to the study routine, it is important to help them and establish some study techniques that go with your personality. Making outlines, summaries, and explaining concepts with drawings will help them assimilate concepts and thus achieve their study objectives.

Always up to date: It is important to follow a record and keep the agenda up to date, as it will be easier for you than doing it only when you have a test or exam.

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