September 29, 2020

back to school 2020, The Province

Reaching the ninth month is not only financially expensive, but also financially


In the final stretch of the Summer Vacation, Most of us welcome the month of September with little enthusiasm, as it begins again routine, work and studies, But the arrival of September makes this month not only emotionally expensive, but also from the point of economic view, especially after the current situation experienced with the coronavirus.

The family finances often suffer from the large amount of expenses that we have to assume, especially in the case of having children, due to the so-called ‘back to school’. In it, children reconnect with their classmates and teachers, while parents do so with bills and expenses for your school supplies, textbooks, backpacks or clothes.

The cost of the new course is, on average in Spain, of about 860 euros, according to a study carried out by the price comparison platform, which means an increase of 4.5% in the last decade, an even more important increase if one takes into account that the money available to Spanish families has decreased to 11.9% in the last ten years.

In addition, as the same study points out, prices vary greatly depending on the region in which we are, since the average cost in Madrid, with 1,069 euros, It is almost double what the Riojans pay, 620 euros.

For its part, in Estremadura, where the cost of going back to school per child is 786 euros, is the region that most affects the family budget, assuming up to a 3.7% of it, while the Basque Country is where back to school has a lower impact on the portfolio (2.5%).

The study also analyzes the difference between spending according to the type of educational center. While the average spending in public schools is 574 euros, in the private the average bill is 802 euros.

To face the expenses of going back to school in the best way and thus have a September slope as less steep as possible, a good option is the online credits.

According to a survey conducted by Amazon to more than 2,000 families, 57.4% of Spanish parents decide to buy textbooks through online platforms. These include general e-commerce companies, where you will find everything, to more specialized platforms to search for more specific products.

However, what has really revolutionized school supplies in recent years has been the digital technology, more and more present both in classrooms and in homework.

To do this, many allocate a good part of the budget for going back to school to get their children to keep up with a increasingly technological education. Among the most purchased objects are computers (for use at home) and tablets (which are gradually replacing the weight of so many books in backpacks).

But they also stand out printers or even the ‘Apps’, some of which will be really useful for storing content in the cloud or for storing and organizing chores.

Our last recommendation, once we have all the material, is to anticipate a week or ten days before the beginning of the classes, adapting the rhythms to the new schedule to reduce fatigue, apathy, anxiety or the lack of care that children with ‘post-vacation syndrome’ may suffer.

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